Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Changing it up a bit from the norm...

Our pal, Olivia Thai changing it up a bit. In this 2 1/2 minute YouTube clip, Olivia deviates from the usual R&B songs that she usually sings to, to something more subtle and operatic. The song, 'Caro Mio Ben' by operatic composer Tommaso Giordani is a classic Neopolitan love song that was written sometime back in the late 1700's. Amazingly, it is 2008 and people like Olivia are still paying homage to the late great composer. And, what's more interesting is that Olivia is sporting the infamous Bastard & Friends shirt as she sings her heart out. ;)

Olivia's YouTube page.

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

As you recall in one of my previous posts', Hollywood Bound with the Ivy Leegue, Sharon and I took a trip down to LA/Hollywood to connect with a few good people. And, on our last day we linked up with both Jameel Saleem and Kimelia Weathers to witness firsthand their film talents. Well, it's finally here. The very 1st episode of "The Good, The Bad and The Movie" reality show. Essentially, the program was brought to life with an objective to have their fans/supporters stay connected with them on a weekly basis in pursuit of making their horror flick "Dead Skin" come from being a dream to reality.

Synopsis: "DEAD SKIN is the story of a heart-broken young man, who starts to question his sanity as he comes to terms with a dark reality of demonic terror (The Jinn) linked to a newly acquired piece of antique furniture" (

In short, this 1st cut focuses on both Jameel and Kimelia's living arrangements as well as folks stopping by, including myself (at the very end) to support and contribute to the cause. I must say, as noted in my previous post, I was actually quite nervous with the cameras and film crew around me. But, I think I got through it OK. Not to mention the lack of sleep that I got the night before from hanging out and promoting with the "Ivy Leegue."

I would also like to say "THANK YOU" to Jameel especially for not only having me on as a guest, but also for rockin' the hell out of Bastard & Friends clothing throughout the whole episode. Much appreciated!

Now, "Don't be a Bastard!" and visit!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sharon's 30th Bday Halloween Party

Our beloved Sharon turned 30 on Saturday! And, what better place for people to gather and celebrate this event, but at the BnF launch pad. The entertainment kicked off roughly around 6pm pst. and ended around 4am with some stragglers leaving somewhere after 9am on Sunday. It was yet another great turnout that started and ended with a blast! Everyone showed up with their costumes. Some went all out; a few were sexy; a few were off-the-wall; some were original; a few were scary while some were just simply, questionable. At the end of the day/night we were satisfied that the majority, if not all were quite pleased with the overall function, layout, and atmosphere of the environment that the BnF team put together. We even gave out prizes to some of the folks as well based on a voting system that all participated in for the following categories: sexiest, most original, best couple, scariest, weirdest, and funniest. CONGRATULATIONS to all!

Thank you for everyone that came out and had a GREAT time!
Thank you to DJ Sonny for keeping the party going and hyped throughout the night!

The graveyard. A cool strobe light effect and halloween ghostly sounds were all implemented to add an additional touch

Derek's BnF logo masterpiece

The Cheating Bastard scenario acted out by Sean and Venus. This scenario Tee will be available in our Series2 release. Stay Tuned. Great job on the hair, Sean.


The Family

Gio, Rose, Bernadette

DJ Sonny

Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf. GREAT costumes

The ladies striking a pose

Sharon, Tia, HJ

You can enjoy some of the pictures that myself and some of the other BnF team members took throughout the night by clicking HERE. Note: This is only from my camera. In the next few days, this album will grow once I receive the remaining pictures from the rest of the group.

Another album to view pics from Imelda's CAMERA. Trip out on the ghost of Maryanne running around in the front yard (LOL)! You have to love this girl!

Gina's camera shots posted on YouTube. I love the background music (LOL). ;)

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hollywood Bound with the Ivy Leegue


Before you read below, I wanted to highlight that the pre-order pricing for all of our current hat stock will be ending tonight at Midnight. So, be sure to order before Midnight or else you'll just have to get it at regular price starting tomorrow!

Over the weekend Bastard & Friends took a trip down to the great place of LA/Hollywood with the Ivy Leegue for Skuba's aka Mr. Superbad MixTape release party. As it turned out, unfortunately, problems rose with the club promoter the last minute before the show was going to start. Hence, Skuba was unable to perform as expected over at Club Nacional in Hollywood. In lieu of the party at the club, a spur-of-the moment event was put together for Skuba and the Ivy Leegue courtesy of JMac (Music Producer) over at his loft in downtown LA. A decent number of people came by which was beautiful. We came across some good people throughout the night as some were wondering what all the hype revolving around the Ivy Leegue and Bastard & Friends was about. Ultimately, both the Ivy Leegue and we were on a mission to promote both of our positions. This was definitely achieved all within the short-span of 48hrs from my perspective. Ivy Leegue who possessed 700+ mixtapes passed out a massive amount within the first few hours since setting foot on the busy downtown Hollywood strip. Meanwhile, we were able to accomplish the same as well. Armed with 300+ flyers and a huge roll of 500+ stickers, we were able to get all, but 50 stickers given out.

One of the first things that I wanted to address is the primary reason why we were down in Southern California. And, that reason was to support Skuba and his mixtape release. I have to say, I come across a lot, and I mean a lot of people who hand over and want me to listen to their music, indie/underground music that is. All within various genres (Rap, Alternative, Rock etc.). And, I have to admit a vast majority of them are not even worth listening to after the first few songs. Skuba's mixtape on the other hand was something I had to continually play all around LA and back home to the Bay Area without skipping 1 single song. Not because the man and his crew are backed by Slim from 112 and M3 Productions, but simply because he and his entire squad have an inherit set of talents that would crush most mixtapes on the scene today. Hard and professional sounded beats accompanied by Skuba's harsh voice and talented flows, this talented white cat...Yes, that's right he's white and the Ivy Leegue should not be taken lightly and or kept under the radar. If you haven't picked up the mixtape, please email or Myspace me if your ears need an eargasm or simply because you want to hear something new and fresh. Rather than the same 5 songs that tend to play on the radio repeatedly. As a side note, all future online orders of our gear will also include the mixtape as an added bonus until they are gone. There's 23 hard hitting tracks that make you bob your head furiously up-and-down. At least that's what I've been doing. Track #4, "So Fly" is one of Slim's hot singles that features the man Skuba himself. Definitely a track that shouldn't be skipped over! As for the rest of the individuals that took part in the mirth: JMoe (Producer), JMac (Producer), Outbreak (Rapper/Producer), Julio aka Froness (Marketing/Promotor), and Jason all the way from ATL (Slim's Choreographer/Singer/Song Writer) were all instrumental in getting the word out. As they say, "Ivy Leegue is a movement!" Keep a good lookout for these guys and spread the word! From a 3rd party perspective, these dudes are not going anywhere, but straight to the radio waves! Pick up a mixtape as the songs on their Myspace pages do only some of the justice!

Jason, OutBreak, Skuba and the Ivy Leegue

Skuba after a freestyle for the fans on the Hollywood strip

Mixtapes and flyers galore. Just some of the stash

Julio doing what he does best. Promoting Ivy Leegue and Bastard & Friends

Julio and Jason promoting all day/night

The gathering at JMac's loft in downtown LA

It was a long night as you can see for some

On JMac's roof top overlooking downtown LA somewhere around the fashion district

Ivy Leegue and BnF

Outbreak from the Ivy Leegue

JMoe of the Ivy Leegue

Jason (Slim's choreographer). ATL is in the building. Check his Myspace to see a short clip of his dance work

Ivy Leegue is a Movement!

And Lastly, on our tight and busy schedule down in LA, not only did we accomplish the promoting aspect with the Ivy Leegue, but we also had a chance to meet up with some of our other counterparts whom reside in lovely Los Angeles/Hollywood. Some are in the same industry as us, while others for example Jameel Saleem and Kimelia Weathers are in a totally different working atmostphere than BnF. Their familiar backgrounds reside in the film industry. Jameel, a very talented indie movie writer/producer/director and his other half Kimelia who also is no stranger to producing, graciously invited Sharon and I on the set to witness and experience their film talents. With other crew members at hand, their main interests were set on gaining $1.00 from each and every person spoken to, for an upcoming horror movie that will hopefully partake in the near term future. At the end of the day, I undoubtedly realize we all share the same courage and persistence it takes to try and get somewhere. And, I am very pleased to say every ounce of it will hopefully be well worth it. You can follow their reality show on a weekly basis at I wanted to personally Thank them along with the other crew members for having us alongside with them. In addition, for sporting our gear in the trailer that can be viewed below. Enjoy! And, visit the website and contribute $1.00 so we can all see this exciting horror flick rise to the surface.

Kimelia preparing me for my short cameo appearance. Goodness, I had trouble with only 2 lines of script. Now I know what the pain actors/actresses go through.

BnF with Jameel and Justin

The crew in action

That's what's up!

More photos of the weekend will be posted on the Warp Zone page shortly.

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Few Good Men

Just met up with some buddies of mine named "John Raposas," (dude in red) and Phil (graphic designer). John, is an aspiring film director based out of the Bay Area who has a passion for film making, stylish clothing, and most of all keeping up with the Jabbawockeez. His show, Lexationships with Marc and James which can be viewed on YouTube is a conglomerate of various aspects that revolve around the important things in life: love, sex, and relationships. What I admire about the guy is his devotion and persistence in pushing his short films into the various film festivals. More so, the Asian film festivals. No holds barred, John dedicates the majority, if not, his whole life into the writing, development, and production into each and every one of his films. In my opinion, I strongly believe that all of these crucial elements will play a major role in gaining acceptance into the film festivals. Keep at it buddy! As they say, "hard work pays off!" Best of luck to you! Now, "don't be a bastard!" hurry and free up some time to help me write my "Bastard" film scripts! :)

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Ilynn

Birthday Girl (Ilynn), Carlyn, Imelda, Maryam

Birthday girl hugging 1 of the million+ people last night and Melissa is lost for words

See I told you...Ilynn hugging more and more people

The BnF Team

The BnF Team

The BnF ladies

The BnF Team. Julio always talking about his boys from the Ivy Leegue. Especially, his boy Scuba aka Mr. Superbad

Bernadette, Sharon, and Rose

BnF ladies and others

The usual Harlot suspects

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Congratulations Winner of the Oct08 Who Wants Free Stuff Contest!

Watch this video to determine if you are the lucky winner!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)