Sunday, November 30, 2008

Paparazzi Bastards

On a beautiful day and night in the city of San Francisco takes place yet another photo shoot in preparation for our Series2 Bastard release that will soon emerge onto the market in the early phases of 2009. As we position ourselves for a much more anticipated and profound year ahead of us, aside for more head wear and accessories, will egress another series of scenario based t-shirts that will resonate deeply within the majority of the masses that constitute our society. Especially, amongst women. Going back to the topic of 'Paparazzi Bastards,' if you've been an aficionado of Bastard & Friends since our inception, you'll recall sometime back in May of this year (2008) we released a scenario based t-shirt called 'The Paparazzi Bastard' -- which was created by two of our artists (LeRoid from SF and Francesca from Italy). From that time on until now, those shirts were only delivered to the individuals that came across the Paparazzi on a frequent basis (ie: celebrities) and were originally 'not' going to be sold to the general public. Well, in order to accommodate the massive requests from our customers/fans, we have decided to finally release these in the near future.

OK, so on to the photo shoot. Four individuals I wanted to highlight that graciously took part in this were a few good friends of ours: Melody, a dance enthusiast based out of Los Angeles and who was the runner-up for Fox's 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 1 and Outbreak from the up-and-coming Hip Hop group, 'Ivy Leegue.' And, it wouldn't have been done without the help of our photographer 'Gene Rimando' who has a track record for doing photo shoots for some of the most beautiful import models such as: Christine Mendoza as well as Francine Dee. And, lastly Leah for getting the team together and the location.

We then ended up feasting over at a Brazilian steakhouse called Cleo's located in San Bruno and then ended up on Haight St. in SF with the rest of the gang (Chris and Marie).

Chris, Tito, Outbreak. Tito swears 3G is super fast on his iPhone. I beg to differ, however

Stay tune for the release of the 'Paparazzi Bastard.'

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tune into Comcast/DirecTv/Cox tonight

Remember mine and Sharon's interview with Built From Skratch? Well, it's finally here. The show airs tonight at 7pm pst. If you miss it, you still can watch it this Friday at the same time (7pm pst.).

Below is how you can view the show that also features the following clothing companies: True Clothing, the Bay Area's well respected Urban Streetwear store located in San Francisco, The Giant Peach, Hiero Clothing aka Hieroglyphics Bay Area Hip Hop All Stars, Cultured Roots, the boys who take great pride in their heritage and culture, and No Rival Clothing.

DirecTV Channel 2067

COX: Channel 479 (Orange County Area, CA/ Palos Verde, CA)
COX: Channel 464 (Northern Virginia / Fredericksburg, VA)

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Introduce a sale and they will come

Our early holiday 'Fat Tuesday' sale started off with a bang yesterday (starting at midnight)! Below is a picture of a few of the orders that were shipped out yesterday.

Orders up to 11am pst. Multiply these by 3 and you can say it was a pretty busy day for BnF

I must say, I didn't realize how many people out there felt the same was as us towards the following bastards: freeloading bastard, unsanitary bastard, and the rude bastard in the movie theater. These scenario based t-shirts flew off the shelves fairly quickly! A few of our loyal customers even purchased all 3 at the same time in order to complete their collection of series 1 bastards (shirts and collector baseball card(s) that are included with every order).

Thank you very much to all! More importantly, we managed to get out all of the orders on time, so please be patient. Your special custom box with goods are on their way! We hope you enjoy them with great pleasure!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BnF Holiday Sale has begun

Forget about 'Black Friday!' It's all about 'Fat Tuesday!' That's right, we here at Bastard & Friends were a little bit anxious to start the holiday season earlier than a majority of other stores both online and offline. 'Black Friday' marks the official traditional Christmas shopping season since it falls on the Friday right after Thanksgiving. Consequently, this special day is considered to be one of the busiest retail shopping days of the year. Taking advantage of this auspicious day, a vast amount of stores generally have major deals/sales that are simply irresistible for some. Deviating from the norm [as usual], Bastard & Friends decided to engage in 'the time for giving' today (Tuesday), instead. Happy Holidays!

Our doors are now wide open as of 12am PST. and will run all the way until January 2, 2009.


Tis the season to not be a Bastard! Go check out the gear if you haven't already!

If you can't decide, check out one of our scenario based t-shirts! Purchase one for one of the following reasons:
A) You're the Bastard and proud of it! Represent who you are!
B) You're trying to hint the person you're giving it to, to correct their ways.
C) You simply want to vent your frustrations in a cool and collective manner.

Don't be a Bastard!
Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday sale begins tomorrow

The Bastard & Friends holiday sale kicks off tomorrow NOV 25, 2008 thru JAN 2, 2009. During this time, 'all' items will be on sale (check below flyer for details). Come back tomorrow to enjoy this special offer that will run until the end of the year!

* 30% off all items except hoodies.
* 20% off hoodies.
* Every order includes a 'free' flip top belt excluding single orders of sticker decals.
* Still enjoy 'free' shipping on all orders of $50 or more. U.S customers only!
* 'All' coupon codes are voided during this time.


Note: all orders still come with our custom packaging (box and or bag(s)) with every order. I just wanted to address this since we have received an influx of emails pertaining to this question/concern. And, for those who are not aware of our packaging, simply place an order and you'll see. ;) You won't be disappointed.

Happy Holidays from Bastard & Friends!
Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Azuli Lounge

A few of our street team members took part in another outing on Saturday evening over at Azuli Lounge in San Mateo, CA. for yet another Limb X Limb release/celebration party. Based on the feedback from our guys, it was another great turnout that was jam packed with loads of fun and excitement!

Randy from Limb X Limb and BnF

BnF street team (Stephanie & Rene)

Pictures courtesy of Derek & Rene (BnF)
Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Element Lounge SF

Here are a few pictures from the event that took place last night over at Element Lounge in downtown San Francisco. Thank you to everyone that came out and showed their love and support. Especially, our good friends Justin who drove up from LA and Derrick who flew in from NY.

Justin, Derrick, BnF


BnF (Derek & Teran)

DJ Butter B (Brian) doing what he does best

You can also see the remainder of the pictures from last nights event by viewing this slideshow.

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Episode #3 (thegoodthebadandthemovie)

For entertainment purposes, here's another episode (#3) by Jameel and Kimelia of 'thegoodthebadandthemovie.'

Keep up with their weekly episodes at

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sneak Peek

As we look ahead into the future, here's a sneak peek at one of the items that we have in store for 2009. This much anticipated arrival just came through the BnF doors just minutes ago. Yes, ladies and gentlemen!...another hat style to add to your headwear collection. This distinct trucker model possessing frigid embellishments was highly influenced by a specific set of characters in our society whom we label as either: "The Nosey Bastard," or "The Peeking Bastard." All who share and manifest the same characteristics as one another. And, that characteristic is: not being able to mind their own business when they should be. Don't be a Bastard!

Item will be on sale in the beginning to mid year 2009. Stay Tuned!

As our own manufacturer stated, "best looking trucker we have ever made......fact!"

Fun Facts about another custom hat that will be introduced by BnF:
- Flat brim cap
- 3D Puff stitch on the nosey/peeking bastard
- Blue stitching on visor
- Signature BnF logo on side panel
- San Francisco skyline printed on lining displayed through trucker mesh
- Inside taping contains our registered mark "Don't be a Bastard"
- Size fits most

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

BnF commercial by Timothy DeLaGhetto

Look what one of YouTube's finest and most notable character Timothy DeLaGhetto managed to pull together for the Bastard & Friends family. This is a much watch video/commercial that clearly represents what BnF is all about. Turn up the sound; watch it a few times and then pass it around to your friends and family!

Thank you once again to the man, Timothy DeLaGhetto!

This video can also be viewed on YouTube as well by clicking here.

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Limb by Limb + Cultured Roots Release Party

Question -- How do you attract prospects and entice current clientele who are all looking for the next thing to emerge on the urban streetwear circuit?

Answer -- Throw a clothing release party at a prime location with a max capacity of 500 and fill it from wall-to-wall including the sidewalks and streets surrounding the building. That's how you create a buzz!

That's what the boys of both Limb x Limb and Cultured Roots managed to put together last night at the 111 Minna Gallery (SF, CA.). A place known for it's fine and aesthetic atmosphere that usually entertains a mixture of international as well as local artists whom showcase their art, 111 Minna Gallery is the essential place to not only charm the art enthusiasts, but also to accommodate events such as the one last night.

If you've haven't come across any of the above mentioned labels before, check 'em out. You might also want to check out Damjn as well as PST Gear.

I have to apologize for the lack of quality in the pictures below. I'm usually equipped with my DSLR camera, but ended up shoving in my pocket a crappy digital camera.

Cultured Roots

Tito loves MySpace

Bastard & Friends + The Ivy Leegue

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

AMP Magazine Interview

Look what the cat finally drug in! It's the latest and greatest issue of AMP Magazine, a media publication dedicated to covering music ranging from indie, hardcore, punk rock, metal, and now... apparel. How exciting this is to be interviewed in the same issue (NO.35) with one of my favorite bands 'Rise Against' (shown on the front cover). You can check out the interview at your own leisure on page 122.

Pick up a copy at your nearby Barnes & Noble, Hot Topic, and or various book/magazine stores in the near future!

LeRoid (guy with crazy pose) and Vanessa (sexy half body with tat) guys are officially famous

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Built From Skratch Interview

The Built From Skratch crew stopped by to interview Sharon and myself for a small segment that should be aired on TV in the next three weeks. Built From Skratch is a partner of MYX TV -- which is a 'music lifestyle channel embracing the Asian American community through music, culture and entertainment' (MYX TV). Further, MYX TV is a subsidiary of ABS-CBN Global in which is currently available via DIRECTV on Channel 2067. This was our very first media-broadcasting interview. We've done other interviews with other media outlets such as magazines, but I think by far this was one that Sharon and I had both agreed on that we were nervous for the very first time when speaking about our own company. I know it's probably hard to imagine how difficult or nerve-racking it could be to talk about something so near and dear to your heart, but when you factor in a crew and cameras, nerves in your body begin to act a bit different from the norm. Enduring minutes of clammy hands and trembles throughout both of our bodies, Sharon and I managed to address the story and the future of BnF as well as various engagements with our associates. For the most part, this gave us the opportunity to bring to light what we're all about. I'm almost positive we missed a few important points pertaining to BnF, but I'm confident we touched on the topics that mean the most to some.

When the segment goes live, we are pleasantly pleased to say that we will also be an integral part of other clothing brands as well. The lineup will also include the following: True Clothing, the Bay Area's well respected Urban Streetwear store located in San Francisco, The Giant Peach, Hiero Clothing aka Hieroglyphics Bay Area Hip Hop All Stars, Cultured Roots, the boys who take great pride in their heritage and culture, and No Rival Clothing.

I like to 'Thank' the crew from Built From Skratch for giving us this wonderful opportunity! We can't wait to see the final outcome.

Sharon getting the mic set up by James

Oh and BTW, I wanted to point out that the inventory you see in the background is the last of the 251 per design you see on the shelves. So, you might want to act now and pick up one before they are all gone. Remember, these will never be printed again. You snooze, you lose. Sorry!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Look what just arrived

Nothing could be more exciting, but to step back into the BnF headquarters from my travel back from the East Coast from alluring South Carolina to see an abundance of boxes filled with new goods. I honestly felt so elated and thought it was Christmas already. With that I mean, our FlatFitty hats have finally arrived from their elongated arrival. Originally, these hats were due to be in and shipped in the end of October. Unfortunately, there were some minor bumps that occurred in which prohibited us from delivering them during that time. But, the time has finally come. They are here and are ready to be sent out tomorrow and all through out next week. I want to personally say 'Thank you' to our customers who have been patiently waiting. Due to the missed deadline, BnF will include a few extra goodies on us in order to make up for any inconveniences.

And, since winter is just around the corner our hoodies have also finally arrived just in time. This specific item, however will be up for sale within the next week as we are in the midst of preparing the site for the new item to be put on their respective page(s). So, stay tuned!

Lastly, we've received a number of emails/requests asking about an additional selection of multi-colored sticker decals. I guess the white ones were just to boring for some. So, we have responded by collectively gathering more colors for the decals. All, just for ya'll. The new set of colors are as follows: black, pink, red, and green. The white decal will still be available. These will also be up for sale on the site within the next week as we are preparing the site for their location(s) as well.

No more waiting! The most requested hat has finally arrived and are starting to go out tomorrow 11/7/08

Hoodie to cover your back during those long and cold winter days. The back right hip is hit with the infamous Bastard & Friends writing also

Finally! More colors to choose from. 4" x 3.5" sticker decals in their new colors: pink, green, red, black, and white

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)