Saturday, February 28, 2009


WonderCon day 2 has come and gone! And, what a massive turnout for not only the Moscone Center, but also at the Bastard & Friends booth. There's no words that can describe the experience of today's event. Yesterday was a good day, but today was amazing! The attendance was incredible and it took off immediately before the show even opened at 10am. Again, THANK YOU for all those that came by and took the time to not only purchase our products, but also those who were intrigued and interested about our brand and the story behind it. Further, I was quite compelled of those folks who we've never encountered in our lives, after listening to our story accept our brand wholeheartedly. It truly means a lot to us. And, we definitely appreciate your own Bastard experiences as well. I now believe we all have something in common after numerous conversations. Definitely great conversations with a lot of good people at the show. The day was pretty crazy in general. Non-stop action from 9am - 7pm was the standard. From multiple TV interviews, to giving out the prize giveaways, to entertaining the various people at the booth and supplying a few groups of people with stickers to wear all over them until they left the show, I'd say it was a very productive, but yet tiring day. At the end of it all...Bastard & Friends is ready to rock for tomorrow's show!

Today's winners that claimed and received their box of goodies minus two caught on another camera (pics will be uploaded tomorrow). As mentioned in my blog yesterday, don't forget to stop by and check to see if you're a winner before the end of tomorrow (5pm).

What a massive line that formed outside of the Moscone Center South Hall today

Street team members Adam and Nate passing out flyers driving more and more traffic to the booth. Thanks guys! You did a great job today! Very overwhelming

These 3 soldiers worked very fast on getting people to check out our booth. Some of those people even won some prizes

Street team member Casey striking a pose with the clan

A monstrous day at day 2 WonderCon

Our extended Bastard & Friends family: Damean and Jacob, the founders/owners of powerhouse printing, Jak Prints

Lawrence and his buddies. What an incredible world we live in. This young Asian cat discovered our brand on YouTube from our very own and talented Olivia Thai. I told these guys I'd tell Olivia about these cool fans of both ours. So Olivia if you're reading this, on your next song give a shout out to Lawrence and his buddies from the Bay Area.

Right on for the other street team members RJ, Jordan, Charles, Teeney and Fro for coming out and hitting the ground running by passing out the flyers and spreading the word about our booth location. AWESOME job fellas! Not to mention, a good portion of the Bastard & Friends family and friends for coming and supporting us!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Friday, February 27, 2009


The turn out for today was pretty awesome! This will be a short blog since the day was pretty long, but I'll leave you with some pictures of the event.

The line inside before the show even opened at 12pm

Suicide girls, who are to the right of us got some pretty heavy traffic directed their way throughout the day.

Our booth neighbor Matt from Halo-8 Inc. (Agent R and JoAnne) minus Myk at their booth next to the comic book artist Jim Lee

Some of the street team members (Sunny and Cel minus Fro and Marlon ) passing out the first stacks of the 10,000 flyers

Clowns vs. Ninjas fellas are right behind our booth. Cool dudes with an interesting product line

Nick, the first prize winner to claim his box of goodies (shirt, belt, and a Headphonies figure courtesy of

The second prize winners to claim their box of goodies (shirt, belt, and a Domo figure courtesy of

THANK YOU to those who stopped by and chatted with us, purchased the items, submitted their raffle tickets for the prizes, and showed love and support! Hopefully, we'll see you again in the next few days! For those of you who have submitted their raffle tickets and haven't claimed their prize, please remember to come back to booth#547 (B&F) either Saturday or Sunday.

Stay tuned for day 2 pictures tomorrow.

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


As a reminder, we will be exhibiting this Friday (27th) - Sunday (1st) over at the Moscone Center (South Hall) in downtown SF. Please stop by at booth #547 and check us out. Keep in mind, due to certain restrictions of WonderCon, we will be exhibiting under the name 'B&F' (lame, I know).

Key Notes:
- All items will be on sale for 30%- 50% off the regular website price.
- Show hours: FRI (12pm - 7pm), SAT (10AM - 7pm), SUN (11am - 5pm).
- New exclusive limited edition T-shirt release (Not-so-super Bastard & Friends) created by artist LeRoid David.
- Make sure you see one of our street team members who will be passing out flyers all throughout the area. Flyers will contain raffle tickets which will lead to surprises that are put in our Bastard custom boxes. Prizes will be handed out every hour on the hour starting Friday and ending on Sunday.
- Come check out a few of our talented artists: Ruel Deguzman (sketching and drawing on the fly) and LeRoid David.

HUGE THANKS for the WonderCon flyer created by Chris 'KMOS' Francisco from Motivate Movement

Just received today, the 'Not-so-super Bastard & Friends' exclusive WonderCon limited edition Tee. This shirt is raw and simulates a comic book cover with a B&F touch

10,000 flyers and raffle tickets will be passed out and put into the WonderCon grab bags throughout the 3 days by our street team. Locate the street team members at the corner streets of Moscone Center as well as inside the vicinity. You won't miss them!

Rain or shine, Don't be a Bastard and come hang out!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Just a few days ago we were over in Las Vegas hanging out over at Magic. For those who are unaware of what MAGIC is, this trade event is essentially the World Series of trade shows relative to the fashion industry. MAGIC takes place twice a year. Once in February for those exhibitors ready to release their Spring/Summer lines and in August for those debuting their Fall/Winter items. This convention is a 3 day event that boasts over hundreds of exhibitors and thousands in attendance during both times that this event takes place. People from all over the world come out and showcase their items such as: mens/womens/children apparel, accessories, and footwear. Further, if one of your objectives is to look for manufacturers that can produce your desired items, there's also a section dedicated to that as well called, Sourcing. Store buyers also make their rounds to numerous brands in search of the latest and most trendy items on the market today. Not to mention, various media coverage and celebrities can also be found lingering around in the vicinity. If you've never attended this show and are in the fashion industry, this is definitely a must see atmosphere. The show is sectioned off into various segments. One area is for Men's; the other called 'WWDMAGIC' is for Women; the third arena is dedicated to children named, 'MAGIC kids'; and the other -- which is located in another building is 'Sourcing at MAGIC.' All of these sectors are packed with people in booths, aisles, and lounge areas. For the most part, we hung around the Men's and Women's shows most of the time where there were countless rows/spines of exhibitors and entertainment. I must say, for those of you looking to be an exhibitor at MAGIC in the near future, Go Big or Go Home! Customized and HUGE booths I might add seems to be the de facto standard along with custom cut & sew items. It's not to say that smaller booths don't get the attention, but I'll just say that they get overlooked a lot of the times. Especially, if you're not a well-known brand since the majority of store buyers already have appointments and know who they want to meet with before the show even happens.

Every time we're in Vegas we always try and make the most out of the trip. Since everyone in Vegas is there only for a short duration, time is not only money, but also of the essence. Hence, the reason why I titled this blog 'The Vegas Rush.' In 3 days we had to manage our time at MAGIC as well as the time spent outside of the show itself. And, it seemed every hour would pass in a flash. Rushing from one event to the next was the routine for 72hrs including very little sleep/down time. After our stints at MAGIC, parties and gatherings kicked off! I'll just summarize the nights and hours well spent last week. The first night was probably the wildest night there. After synching up with Dennis aka Mr. Vegas connect we chilled over at the Palms/Playboy & Moon clubs for a few hours before that got played out and took off in the limo courtesy of Dennis' business partner John whom is the owner of the infamous gentlemen's club: Sapphire. That within itself was crazy! My lips are sealed on this one. You had to have been there to experience what we all, even Leah went through that whole night. The following night wasn't too bad either. We hooked up with Leah's favorite, Bernardo who was bumpin' all night in his Escalade taking us everywhere from Body English over at the Hard Rock to LAX over at the Luxor to put the icing on the cake for the trip. All in all MAGIC and Vegas within itself was great, long, and tiresome! Ran into and met a lot of good people along the way.

Crash room A

Crash room B

The ladies at MAGIC

One of the only places where you can actually buy products at's outside

On a cold day overlooking the water show at the Bellagio stands a few of the B&F members

Look how everyone is trying to hide their tiredness

This is what happens when lack of sleep, too many alcoholic beverages, and a lot of food at the Paris buffet does to you. Just ask Fro/Julio

Sharon trying to comprehend Dennis' business proposals

Crystal explaining to the group how much she admires her close buddy Mike Tyson around. It was one of the most intriguing stories I've ever heard of. It will make you think differently about the guy...or maybe the same

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)