Friday, July 10, 2009


I have to admit, our customers/fans/supporters are some of the best people in the world! Some do weird and awkward things just to get our attention; some travel great lengths just to support and hang out with us at various locations; while others like Chris S. from Los Angeles come up with and illustrate what he thinks the next Bastard exposed should be. We met Chris and the gang down in LA at the Anime Expo just this past weekend. Him and his crew were one of the first groups to claim the scavenger hunt prize(s) -- Great Job! A few days later, Chris sends us this interesting comic strip of how he would interpret one of his pet peeve's..."The Gossip Bastard." Just like the Nosey Bastard that we just released (in hat form), the characteristics of the Gossip Bastard and the Nosey Bastard have distinct similarities. I'm assuming that Chris and his friends as well as the rest of us all have experienced this amusing and irritating person quite frequently in the past and possibly now. As a matter of fact, I'm sure this annoying person may even be in the same vicinity as you as you're dialed in and reading this blog.

As a side note, we love to have our followers engaged in the things we do. Therefore, be on the lookout for this Bastard to be put into a short film animation and or illustration in the near future along with some of the other Bastard suggestions we've been receiving from you all!

Click on the image below:

Thanks for the illustration once again, Chris and for exposing a pet peeve of yours! See, don't we all have something in common!?

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)