Thursday, April 30, 2009


Jameel Saleem, a movie director and aspiring rapper based out of Los Angeles decided to put together a nice little parody based on Asher Roth's 'I Love College' called 'I Love Rap.' Enjoy!

Listen closely and check the mark at :46

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


As a reminder, our sale will be finally coming to an end tomorrow. Hurry and get all items for 30% off of the regular price. Click on the Shop link above to go directly to the shopping page. As most of you are aware after browsing and attempting to purchase the items in the shopping area, there are limited quantities of items available. A lot of our sizes are sold out while some products in general are completely sold out. We've been receiving a lot of emails asking to re-stock sizes as well as completely bringing back certain products in general after being sold out. For the most part, we've been pretty responsive and have explained why we will not be bringing those items back or re-stocking the sizes. But, here's a brief little explanation as to why we are adamant about our decision:

A lot of our items such as the scenario based tee's are limited to 251 count (ie: freeloading bastard tee), therefore only this amount was ever printed for these type of shirts. So, if a certain size is sold out, it's sold out forever. The other concerns addressed are the re-stocking of belts, hoodies, and men's black logo tees. Amazingly, these items left the shelves fairly quickly in the past few months. Especially, at the shows we've exhibited at. We even re-stocked these items a bunch of times. I'd say we probably re-ordered from our vendors 3-5 times to keep up with the demand. After our last set was sold out for these items, we made a decision to not make these anymore since there was a massive amount already purchased by our customers. Our intent was to ensure that the customers who already purchased them possessed something special rather than an item that everybody else was rockin'. Basically, to keep them exclusive. One of the things I wanted to point out also is that when a specific design is completely sold out, we will never re-make that particular product with the same design. Sorry folks! I'll have to admin we're going to be Bastards on this one! Hope that clarifies things for those people we haven't responded to as of yet. We are still working on responding to your calls and emails. Nevertheless, we'll get to everyone within the next day before we take off to our next show in LA this weekend, UNIQUE LA.

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Another entertaining B&F film piece is underway and is due to be released in the near future. As with the last Meet the Bastards short film (Bad Breath Bastard), this upcoming clip is spearheaded once again by PDFLO and the PDFLO film crew.

Embrace yourself, this next animation combined with live action hits a touchy and sadly, but true subject amongst a wide range of individuals in our society. You either know this person or unfortunately have been directly affected by him. The next Bastard to be exposed in a comical and twisted Bastard & Friends sense, without further ado...The Cheating Bastard!

Our approach this time around was to establish a spin-off from the ever so popular hit show Cheaters, but with a traditional B&F style behind it. We also ended up naming the show 'Cheating Bastards' instead of using the actual show name 'Cheaters.' When this piece is complete, you'll clearly notice the similarities. At the same time, you'll also notice distinct differences. If you have never heard of the show 'Cheaters,' the shortest way to describe it is a TV show dedicated to exposing the truth behind questionable individuals involved in a relationship. In other words, if a person is suspecting that their partner is cheating on them, they hire the show 'Cheaters' hosted by Joey Greco to investigate/follow the cheater around to determine whether or not that person is indeed conducting any kind of foul play activity. If they find that the person is cheating, they notify the person who called upon them for their assistance. This is when the show gets spicy and exciting! 'Cheaters' then shows video footage to the person getting cheated on. Shortly after, the confrontation happens in which the whole film crew along with the impacted person confronts the cheater. Most of these confrontations end in major arguments and in some cases fist fights.

Once again, the film is being shot and edited at PDFLO studios down in So. Cal as well as various locations in the area. This particular piece is going to be raw, uncut and funny! So, stay tuned!

For now, here are a few pics of 'The Cheating Bastard' film being put together:

Marisela - the girl the cheating bastard is cheating with

PDFLO acting as himself in front of the green screen

Instead of the host on 'Cheaters' Joey Greco, meet Joey Gecko. When the film is complete, the parts in the background will be displaying some sort of movement. Awesome stuff!

One of the scenes in the short film: At this moment, the cheating bastard (animated fellow) is thinking about his other partner while his main squeeze is taking a nap. What a Bastard! Also, look at the picture frame above the bed. Haha, it's the cheating bastard with his girlfriend.

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Follow us on Twitter! You can click on the image below or simply click on the 'twitter' link on the header bar located on the top next to the 'Facebook' link to go directly to our profile. For the longest time, I refused to commit to another social community type application, but after realizing I had already set one up and abandoned it sometime back in March of 2008 and having one of our staff members (Teeney) help manage the addiction, I figure...what the heck! Mind as well resurrect the profile and jump on the bandwagon.

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Friday, April 17, 2009


Joe McIntyre from NKOTB representin' the B&F Classic white logo tee during a live concert in Fresno CA. on April 16th, 2009

Anyone who's been around since the late 80's or has older siblings could recall a boy band that consisted of 5 young and very talented individuals (Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Danny, and Donnie). The group -- New Kids on the Block (aka NKOTB). Straight from the streets of Boston Mass., these guys were the biggest pop music sensation along with Michael Jackson that emerged onto the music air waves during that era. Songs such as: "Please Don't Go Girl", "(You Got It) The Right Stuff," "I'll Be Lovin' You (Forever)" all had a fair share of seeing the #1 spot on the Billboard Charts. Their second album "Hangin' Tough" even went on to be one of the most recognized and well-accomplished albums in music history as this album had gone platinum eight times! A few years later, after a hallmark of songs and showcases that fueled their long standing success, the group then separated. Fast forward 15 years later, the same fellas that were once every young girl's heartthrob during that time re-emerged and reunited last year. One of their first songs that have already seen the top of the charts is a song that they connected with talented R&B singer/songwriter "Ne-Yo" for a smashing single called "Single."

OK, so where am I going with all of this. Last night me and a few of the ladies headed down to Fresno CA. to personally meet all 5 of the NKOTB and attend their live concert via 5 Star VIP via ILoveAccess, organized by Corinne. Ready and equipped with my Bastard & Friends Gift Bags for the boys, along with our Exclusive "Bastard & Friends Hearts NKOTB" shirts that I made for all of us, we began our fun filled adventurous 3 hour long road trip from the Bay Area to Fresno. The Savemart Center was filled with die hard NKOTB fans. I imagine that these were the little girls who never stopped the love and support for the band. I myself am a true fan, personally of Joe McIntyre, my favorite amongst the group. The 5 Star VIP program only allowed 10 fans at a time to meet with them. During that time, I handed the B&F gift Bags for the NKOTB to their assistants then I was greeted by Joey and Danny, both giving me a warm hug. During the course of our conversation, they were both interested in the logo and t-shirts that we were all wearing. I explained to them the B&F concept and history as both were definitely interested and gave me their warm wishes. Joe gave me a "High Five" and was extremely supportive. I never thought possible that I would actually be conversing with him and the rest of the crew regarding the concept and history of Bastard & Friends. The Meet & Greet lasted no more than 5 minutes, which ended with 2 unforgettable photos of us ladies and the NKOTB.

We were then ready to rock the house with none other than ABDC's season one winner, Jabbawockeez as the opening act for the concert. After another outstanding performance by this crew, NKOTB soon took over the stage. Sitting 6 rows from the stage we witnessed an unforgettable performance of them singing their new and old songs. Midway through the performance, Joe was rockin' the classic B&F white logo tee (pic below). Amazingly, Joe spotted me and the ladies in the crowd of over 10,000+ screaming fans and pointed at his shirt with a wink. And, I in return gave him a thumbs up for representin' B&F in front of a massive crowd. This wild and once in a life time experience went on for at least 4 whole songs to my recollection. Among those songs were "Single" and "2 in the Morning." AWESOME!!!

Group shot with a few other people

Check the mark at 7:24

Check the mark at 5:37

Sharon (Bastard & Friends)

Monday, April 13, 2009


If you bypassed our home/splash page and haven't seen the flyer, we will be exhibiting yet again in So. Cal on Saturday (May 2nd) - Sunday (May 3rd) at Unique LA. Come check us out at booth# 219.


We'll see you there!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Remember our good friend Jameel from Saleem Films, he just sent me another commercial that he created and was just posted on YouTube the other day depicting our lives if the notorious and addicting world of Twitter wasn't around to socially communicate with amongst each other. You gotta love Twitter!

Will Bastard & Friends have a Twitter account setup in the future? Possibly...So, stay tuned!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Monday, April 6, 2009


The World of Dance over in Pomona on Saturday has come and gone. For those that didn't get a chance to attend, this event was a blast from all aspects! The attendance was bigger than what we all had originally anticipated. As most of you are aware, this was our first appearance down in So. Cal. And, I have to admit the love and support from all the folks ranging from the attendees, the vendors, and even the WOD management were all welcoming, supportive, but more importantly embraced the brand with open arms. More on this in just a bit.

Sharon and I ended up driving down to the LA County area last week on Wednesday night so that we could meet up with a few people before the actual show on Saturday. Our first initial stop on the stomping grounds was a quick visit to help out setting up a booth for a good friend of ours (Tony) at the Anaheim Convention Center for the Orange County Boat Show. The next night (Friday) the remaining crew arrived from the Bay Area ready as ever to help out with the show. That same night, PDFLO invited us over to his film & editing studio over in Signal Hill to come hang out at the new home for all his and his crews' upcoming film projects. The place is pretty sweet! Unfortunately, the place wasn't fully setup since he just moved in, but the place houses a recording/editing room, a spacious office, an enormous section specifically for his green screen film shots, and a dedicated area for when they cast for actors or showcase their premiers. We stayed for a few hours chatting with PeeDee, Timothy and the rest of the gang about up and coming projects from both of our worlds as well as the history behind Bastard & Friends. A few hours later and a large pizza absorbed into our bodies in less than a few minutes, I think we all walked away with not only new ideas, but also answers to some of the questions that we all never discussed before. Definitely a great night to remember with the exception of the million connecting freeways in the LA County that we had to jump on to and from the studio.

Onto the show day. Just to circle back around, Dave whom is the man responsible from putting the WOD show together invited me to check out the Pomona Fairplex on Friday to look at the booth location as well as the setup of the place before the initial move-in on Saturday -- which was pretty awesome since it gave me a better idea of how we should setup and position our stuff to display for the attendees. As for the show itself, it was super fun! They all came in droves ready to battle, showcase their talents, mingle/hangout, scout, and purchase items offered by the various brands positioned in their booths. I have to admit, the first hour was slow for us. Shortly after that was soon changed. As the night started to approach more and more people started to gather, make purchases and return for their prizes that they won from us. With the help of our team passing out a 1,000 flyer's with raffle tickets to the people and an appearance by Timothy and PDFLO, overall the event was 'A SUCCESS' for all of us! The new purple logos as well as the the classic black and white logo tees flew off the shelves in no time along with the other various items. Our trip back home was a much lighter load. Tim almost even sold out on his Rush Hour CD from his abundance of fans/supporters that came to see him. At times it overwhelming for all of us. Those die hard fans are something else! The show itself was put together nicely by management. The flow of traffic and the location in 1 building with a few outside vendors flowed pretty smoothly. There were 2 total buildings. I believe each was 30,000 square feet in which both were packed. Bldg 8 was setup for the big dance/choreo showcases such as: Beat Freaks, Quest Crew and other big group competitions. Meanwhile, Bldg 5 where we were, maintained the fashion vendors, and freestyle/3 on 3/5 on 5 dance battles. The outside middle arena that connected the two buildings was the food court and a few vendors sprinkled throughout the proximity. Just to highlight, within various sections of each area/building were dance battles being held throughout. Some pretty cool, interesting, and exciting stuff, to say the least!

'THANK YOU' to everyone who came out and supported Bastard & Friends along with PDFLO films (PeeDee and Timothy). You all made the 370+ mile trip down to So. Cal awesome and worthwhile!!

Some cool folks to check out at your own leisure. Nothing but love and support for our neighbors at the show: Rad is Rad, PST Gear, Dunkxchange, Muz Wear, ParLe, BBJ.

Next up...UNIQUE LA, MAY 2nd (Sat) & 3rd (Sun) held at the California Market Center penthouse. That's right folks, we'll be down in So. Cal in just a few more weeks again so mark your calendars and come hang out all over again!

10x20 booth with the usual suspects. Derek is hiding..can you spot him in this pic?

The line to get inside the venue before the doors opened at 3pm

I spotted this guy (Richard) rockin' B&F gear and his pal outside. He discovered us on YouTube! You gotta love the internet!

The 3 stooges

The 3 stooges

Lunch and dinner


And, after!...

Sharon took some time out of the busy schedule to do a brief interview

This was the crowd surrounding Quest crew! Well deserved. Thank goodness for MTV's America's Dance Crew

One of the many circles formed by b-boys showing off their moves

Packed like sardines in bldg. 8 waiting for their favorite dance crews to perform

Had to purchase this shirt from Carlos and his brand Muzwear! Enough said about this saying

Randy and his crew from Awesome stuff and imagination from this team

Winners of the all day raffle! Remarkably, only 1 person didn't claim their prize. I believe I'm missing a few pics, though. Sorry folks. CONGRATULATIONS to all!

Timothy Delaghetto and PeeDeeFlo supporters (some of the many). I promised I'd put you guys up on our blog:
Awesome stuff. This young lady purchased a white logo tee and had Tim sign it also! How rad is that?

Remaining pics from the event can be viewed by clicking HERE. Enjoy!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)