Friday, January 30, 2009


Another change has been implemented within our website. We have now included the actual video of the Bastard within the various shopping pages. This only applies to the 'Bastard Scenario' based tee's, however (ie: Can't Park Bastard, Freeloading Bastard etc.). So, instead of navigating away from the t-shirt to view the Bastard's animation, you now have the video available on the actual page titled 'Bastard Profile' courtesy of Vimeo -- which provides you the direct connection with the actual shirt design. You still can view the animations and all future film related pieces via MEET THE BASTARDS section as well.

So, what are you waiting for!? Crank the sound up and visit the various 'Bastard Scenario' tee's (Dieting Fat Bastard, Rude Bastard in Movie Theater, Can't Park Bastard, Freeloading Bastard, Boss Bastard, Unsanitary Bastard) on our website to check out this added functionality. And, while you're at it, pick one up.

Snapshot of the new page with video implementation

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Monday, January 26, 2009


First off, I wanted to apologize for the lack of blog posts! Bastard & Friends was out and about in Orlando Florida for the past week. A post regarding this trip will be surfacing soon. Stay tuned!

OK, so back to the original topic. As we look ahead into our Series2 future Bastard releases, one of the elements that come into play is the film/animation perspective. Most of you are aware that when a 'Bastard scenario based' shirt is conceived, there is also a short film that is also affiliated with the design. Here's a little bit of background regarding our designs that are 'scenario based' for those who have been sleeping under a rock for the past 8 months: during the conceptualize phase, we choose a Bastard story/scenario that we or others like yourself have encountered. For example, 'The Can't Park Bastard.' We then proceed with the design phase of interpreting what that specific design would look like on a shirt based on the story of the Bastard itself. Meanwhile, we also write-up the story of the Bastard based on the facts and events pertaining to the individual(s). Thereafter, a decision is then determined as to what goodies will be included with the shirt. In Series1, we included collectible, real 16pt. stock baseball cards that are the same weight/layout as Pro Baseball collectible cards such as 'Topps.' Still undecided about Series2 giveaways, if any. Now, comes the fun part. We decided long ago to separate ourselves from most other brands by not only customizing everything we do, but also including a short film/animation with the majority of our Bastards. This, and sorry for saying it again for those who already know what we're all about, provided folks a direct correlation with the shirt/design. So, if people looked at our designs and said to themselves 'I don't get it'...well, watch the film/animation and there you go. In Series1, we offered the public traditional animations. But, for Series2 we chose to take a different approach. This time around, we will be incorporating not only the traditional animation method, but also live reality action. The best example would be something similar to, Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Since our upcoming films needed special attention and detail due to the complexity and assimilating content of the combination of live action and animation, we decided to onboard a very talented young film director from So. Cal, PeeDeeFlo to assist us. This dude is raw, mind-blowing, stunning, and most of all creative! A director known for his YouTube channel that consists currently of over 20,000 subscribers and over 500,000 channel views, PeeDeeFlo takes risks, pushes the envelope and as most would describe him as simply...'sick!' If you don't belive me, check out some of his videos below:

Kings of YouTube -- which currently has over 1.6 million views in just 10 months.

Kings of MySpace -- which currently has over 2.5 million views.

Adventures of PerfectDisk -- which displays more of this guys' talent.

As the film has already been shot as of last week and PeeDeeFlo is currently working through the edits and cuts of the first Bastard to be released, I'll give you a glimpse of the 'Bastard Scenario' via pictures shot over the weekend. So, what Bastard is coming out next?'s one that is most common amongst are society right now. I'm sure this person is in the same proximity as you as you are reading this. His name...'The Bad Breath Bastard.' Story line and additional details are soon to follow. But, for now you can just enjoy the photos of the setup/atmosphere -- which takes place at a party in So. Cal. The party and setup of the actors/performers as well as the cameras and lights were complimentary of P-D-Flo Films.

Camera setting up is essential

Staging the ambience

Look! It's one of YouTube's finest and notorious improv performers, Timothy DeLaGhetto

Pictures provided by: (P-D-Flo Films/Eric aka GeeDee)
Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

30's the new 20

Jay-Z couldn't of said it any better in his song "30 something!" Another person that joins this league of 30 year olds is our beautiful and close partner of Bastard & Friends, Jenise! Held at an exquisite wine bar located in Miami Beach, FL., Jenise finally is initiated into the "30's the new 20" club. And, to show her our support for this commemorading once in a lifetime event, we sent over 30 B&F gift bags filled with goodies to distribute to her close friends/family. Some of the items that were put into those bags were belts, collector cards and a few other items. And, not to mention...ummmm women's panties supplied by her mom. Yes, you read that right, her mom! Gotta love Mom!

These B&F bags are usually only part of our orders distribution, but since this is for a special occasion...what the heck! It's Jenise's birthday!

Ahhh YES! Sexy women's under garments that were included inside our bags for the party

Miss Lovely, Jenise!

Jenise and pals hangin' out in Miami Beach

Pictures provided by: Jenise
Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Slim from 112 + Ivy Leegue

Save the date folks! Another exciting night is yet to come in the near future here in SF! In exactly 2 weeks from today, our boys from the Ivy Leegue will be taking front and center stage with ATL's own, Slim from 112. This is a much anticipated event that has long been awaited for! So, join us and the rest of the gang for another lively gathering hosted by none other, Boogie Events Company. This affair is expected to be another jam packed event filled wall-to-wall! I highly advise you to purchase your pre-sale tickets ASAP by clicking HERE! No lagging Bastards because this is something that you will not want to miss!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Notable Updates

As promised, we would keep you abreast with what's happening with Bastard & Friends. Our first design of the year kicked off 2 days ago (see blog entry below). But now, the time has come for a totally new and fresh look of our logo. Revamped from our original classic black & white logo that was released back in May 2008, this new tee inherits a new and invigorating look that offers bold colors. A few drips here and there on the front side hit as if a graffiti artist were to throw this up on a wall essentially defines the aesthetic of the shirt. Not to mention, we've decided to span across more of the real estate on the shirt. Further, this time around we made absolutely sure that we didn't miss the back of the shirt either. When we were conceptualizing this design, we wanted to make it apparent that Bastard & Friends was a brand that addressed the flaws and Bastard incidents within our society (at least a few of them during this time), so we made the "Bastard Commandments" to be displayed. In addition, to highlight our commonly used phrase "Don't be a Bastard!," we decided to take 1 letter from each commandment in order to complete this. So, if you take clear note, you'll notice that there are certain letters in blue that constitute the whole entire phrase.

Key Notes: Expected release date: beginning to mid FEB09. Tee will be printed on an American Apparel shirt. Sizes offered will be S-XL and will only be for men, currently (this is subject to change, however). Designer: Rashaun, an original customer now turned B&F designer based out of Minnesota (IntegralApparel). This is just one of many designs that Rashaun has cooked up for us. Stay tune for more to come in the future.

A few more updates for the next coming weeks:
- Sneak preview of our 'exclusive' shirt "THE NOT-SO-SUPER Hero Bastards" that will be released at the upcoming WonderCon event in SF (last weekend of FEB 09). This is one you don't want to miss as it takes into consideration many things involving the event and the comic industry.

- Detailed information on the WonderCon event that will include prize giveaways and surprises. Our street team will be in full force strapped with detailed information on how to get free stuff. Secret prizes to be given away throughout all 3 days, every hour. A total of 24 boxes full of goods will be granted to the lucky winners! This is a huge event! So mark the date down on your calendars!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Release Today! Paparazzi Bastards

First out of the gates for 2009, is a new and exclusive Bastard scenario tee called the 'Paparazzi Bastards.' Historically, this tee was created back in May 2008 and was originally made for those individuals that had and still continue to have numerous encounters with the Paparazzi (ie: celebrities). Since we always base all of our scenario based tee's off of real life events that manifest within our society, during the time this t-shirt concept was derived, Britney Spears' privacy was continually being invaded by them (during her divorce with Kevin Federline). No matter what time of day or outing, whether she was hanging out at Starbucks or simply enjoying a normal day out with her children, the Paparazzi were always surveilling her, it seemed. That's how the idea was born. You'll notice on the women's tee that the female (victim) is wearing a pink wig, also. The explanation behind this is because during the time she was going through her hardship and trying to find herself as a person, she was seen wearing a pink wig during various occasions. We also didn't forget about the men's perspective either. Unfortunately, we don't have a juicy story that resembles the female version, but I'm sure you can find a person in the lime light that equates to the tee. As mentioned in previous posts we were not going to release these out to the public, but only to the celebrities or those that encountered situations where they felt their lives were being invaded by the Paparazzi. After an adequate amount of inquiries we decided to give the masses what they've finally been asking for! Rock these tee's if you sympathize for these folks or simply because your behavior favors or mirrors the Paparazzi. As we at Bastard & Friends like to say 'Have you experienced the bastard...or are you the bastard!?' Enjoy with great pleasure!

Key Notes: Every order to include 'FREE' flip top belt. Shirts were and are still being delivered to numerous celebrities to show our support. In addition, this is an exclusive shirt and is not part of the current Series1 bastards nor will it be part of the Series2 collection that will be debuting the first bastard in the next few months. Updates to come shortly on this specific release! Designer for women's tee: Francesca based out of Italy/Spain ( and LeRoid based out of the SF Bay Area (

Models for this shoot: Melody, a dance enthusiast based out of Los Angeles and who was the runner-up for Fox's 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 1 and Outbreak from the up-and-coming Hip Hop group, Ivy Leegue.

Also for you reference:
Previous Post A
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Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jim Jones + Ivy Leegue

That's right folks our good ol' pals from the Ivy Leegue will be on the same stage with none other than the rap artist known for the track 'We Fly High' -- Jim Jones on January 15th at Club 740 located in downtown LA. Come show your love and support for not only the Ivy Leegue, but also Jim Jones and the rest of the performers that will be performing that night. Hope to see everyone there!

How to get tickets? Contact JMacTheMonsta on his Myspace page.

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

First glimpse at women's cut & sew

As promised based on my last blog, we plan to keep everyone up-to-date with everything that goes on with Bastard & Friends. And, here is the first glimpse at a few cut & sew pieces for the women that will be making their way into our lives within the next few months. Keep in mind these pieces will be revised and will go through a series of phases before these are released out to the public. But, I wanted to show all of you what's in store in the subsequent months to follow. As we go through the various phases of our upcoming garments, I plan to keep you informed as much as possible -- which means I'll take you through the step-by-step process into the effort being put forth into each and every one of our garment pieces. For the most part, we plan to fully utilize our logo to accentuate our cut & sew items. These are just 2 of the many items that will be released for women this year, 2009.

Women's cut & sew dress. Expected release date: Spring/Summer 2009
Expected sizes: S-XXL; will contain custom front buttons and shoulder straps

Women's cut & sew t-shirt. Expected release date: Spring/Summer 2009
Expected sizes: S-XXL; will contain additional patch pattern(s) to accent and add an additional touch to the overall t-shirt

Stay tune for more!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Few Changes

I met up with our web guy and close friend of mine Sean from UmiDesign the other day to go over a handful of changes revolving around the current functionality and appearance of our website. As we transcend past the year 2008 and look forward towards a new road ahead of us filled with defiance for 2009, there have been countless thoughts running through our (Bastard & Friends) minds regarding our upcoming plans pertaining to our clothes + hats + film/animations + collaborations and website related pieces. Ideally, we plan to keep everyone informed openly and transparently about all things relating to Bastard & Friends, to say the least throughout the whole year. Getting back to the website topic, we plan to implement a number of things that are more subtle while other changes are more dramatic than others from our perspective. Our objective is to ensure that the site is fresh, dynamic, easy to navigate and cool; plain and simple.

Below is a snapshot of the content that we will be incorporating and or modifying to the website within the next few months:

* Warp Zone Page (will be totally revamped): will now include upcoming events that we will be participating in; adding a 'videos' section that will contain B&F related cuts; in order to accommodate the high number of current and future photos, we will fully utilize the functionality of flickr.

* Store Pages: 'All' section to be removed. This will be replaced with images that will lead to their respective subcategories (ie:, New & Featured, Girls, Guys, and Accessories); all scenario based related bastard shirts to include/embed the 'Bastard Profile' video/animation on each page. This provides the direct correlation between the actual t-shirt and the video so that you don't have to click to go to the 'Meet the Bastards' section to view the video while you're looking at the t-shirt. The animations/films will still be available via the 'Meet the Bastards' section, however.

* Misc: header bar to now include link to our newly Facebook group page; top header image that contains a collage of the bastards with billboard sign will no longer just be one static image. Images will soon be dynamic and swapped out to display a new and fresh look.

As updates to our website become available, we'll be publishing them on our blog so that everyone is aware of what's going on. Stay posted!

Sean at our favorite meet spot, 'Starbucks'

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holiday sale finally ending tomorrow 1/2/09

You snooze, you lose! Our holiday sale that we introduced back in November is finally coming to an end tomorrow 1/2/09 at 8pm pst. Here's your last chance to enjoy the final hours of the sale before everything goes back to their regular price(s).

If you can't decide, check out one of our scenario based t-shirts! Purchase one for one of the following reasons:
A) You're the Bastard and proud of it! Represent who you are!
B) You're trying to hint the person you're giving it to, to correct their ways.
C) You simply want to vent your frustrations in a cool and collective manner.

Don't be a Bastard!
Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)