Sunday, September 28, 2008

World of Dance Tour Bay Area Dance Battle

Just got back from attending the World of Dance Tour dance competition held at the Pleasanton County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton CA. with some of our BnF street team folks (Robert, RJ, Jordan, and Derek). Below are some pics from this huge and exciting event! Forgive me for the lack of writing on this particular blog! I'm wiped out! I'm sure the pictures will tell the story.

The 500+ roll of stickers that were passed out to the attendees

The B-boy battle stage

B-boy battling taking place outside in addition to the inside auditoriums

The crowd in the main dancehall

The main stage

Practicing before the big battle

From America's Best Dance Crew Season 2, The Bay Area's own Supreme Soul (Pharside) in the house

Hold that pose, B-boy!

Flares all day

B-girls also represented

The infamous headspin

Jackie from SoReal Cru with our BnF street team

Kool Raul from Supreme Soul and the BnF street team. The other members of Supreme Soul were also lingering around the vicinity

Support these Bastards...Cultured Roots. Big Jay and the team are holdin' it down for the Filipino culture and heritage

For a complete listing of all the dance crews and b-boy battlers, you can check out the World of Dance Tour site.

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jenise + Bernadette

Our good friend Jenise from Miami, FL. came back to her homeland of the Bay Area to visit for a few days. For the short duration that she was here, Sharon and I took the time to hang out with her and Bernadette (Producer over at ABS-CBN, a television network/broadcasting media and entertainment company dedicated to the Filipino/Asian community).

To start off the night, we briefly hung out over at "Bollywood Cafe" on 19th and Mission in SF. We then took off to another venue Supperclub to enjoy the deep house and hip hop beats of this club that is fulfilled with elegancy and "love is in the air" all around type of environment. And, by that I mean there are beds/lounges that surround the interior of the club where people mingle, rest, and occasionally make out. To end the night, we headed over to Broadway to go catch up on good times and talk about Bastard & Friends over at Steps of Rome, another chill cafe spot in the district of North Beach/Little Italy that maintains a cool and friendly atmosphere.


Jenise w/ BnF

I was actually getting a shot of the couple dry humping each other in the background. ;)

"Love is in the Air" crowd

The Remix crew doing their rounds of interviews

BnF/Jenise/Bernadette at Steps of Rome

Dessert at 2am? Tear it up, Jenise!

Have a safe trip back to Miami, Jenise! We'll see you soon!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What a Bastard!

After watching this Bastard address the economic crisis yesterday, this is all I have to say, today! Don't be a Bastard! Does anyone still believe in you, Mr. Bush? Do you still have any credibility? Is anyone still listening to you?

To get updated on the latest economic crisis and bailout proposal, click here. This is a must read article since it impacts EVERYONE!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Monday, September 22, 2008


Our 1/2 page ad for AMP Magazine came in. This issue should be in stores (Barnes & Noble, Hot Topic etc...) within the next week or so

For the next few months, you can view our ad on page 71. Further, our feature interview with AMP will be published in either next months issue or the next. Stay tuned for that!

Non-related to the above photos, but this is what happens when you miss a few steps

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Full shipment is in

An update to our Flexfit hats: We received full shipment of our hats yesterday. Therefore, the Flexfit hats Dark Grey Logo and Black logo will ship out the same day ordered. Pre-order pricing is still in full effect, however until October 20th.

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Another party behind us...

Attended a few birthday gatherings over the weekend....Happy B-day to you all!

Many years of friendship (11+) are combined in this pic. Welcome back to the Bay Area Ms. Bubbly (Harriett)

Old time friends!

Aris, AJ, Harriet, Leah, Loraine, Jeff, Tito

Pineapple Express anyone? This is amazing! How did Tito put this piece of art together? Only he himself will know...

Leah (BnF street team) always serving the beverages non-stop

The ladies...

5 car SF Airport BART train in the background

Traffic is always horrendous going to and from downtown SF

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hat pre-orders have started!

Enjoy cheaper pricing when you pre-order any of the below hats before October 20, 2008. All of these hats can be located under the accessories category.

Fully customized fitted flat brim cap

Flexfit Pinstripe Hat w/Black Logo

Flexfit Pinstripe Hat w/Dark Grey Logo

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hat pre-orders start this Friday!

If you haven't already seen our home/splash page, our hat pre-orders will be starting this Friday morning September 12, 2008 and will run all the way through the middle of October 2008. During the pre-order phase, all 3 hats will be cheaper. After October 20th, all hat styles will be available at regular pricing (regular pricing to be determined). As mentioned in our other blog, we are expecting other hat designs to be delivered from the same companies as well as from other manufacturers in the near future.

Don't forget to check back this Friday morning to view the hats and to pre-order!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lagangs Martial Arts

Yesterday evening, I paid a trip to visit a few good friends that just opened up their Martial Arts and Fitness center. Located in Antioch, CA. Lagangs Martial Arts and Fitness center is not your typical Dojo. There are a number of training sessions offered: Kajukenbo, Kickboxing, Circuit Training, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Owners Allan and Shannan Lagang have not only paid homage to the sport and culture, but more importantly have a passion for educating students from all ages and all nationalities. Through Sifu Allan's act of studying the art and knowledge from years of discipline and training, he has been able to successfully help his students with the skills to become self-confident and most of all, able to defend oneself.

I must say, I'm extremely proud of this young couple that also have 3 little boys. They've come along way to open up this center. I could recall when I used to train with Allan in his garage at his home. From being in a 3 car garage with mats to a full blown 2600 sq. ft. Dojo that is encompassed by an ample amount of heavy bags and rack of weights as well as some cardio equipment, climbing ropes, mats and not to mention an overwhelming fight ring in the middle, I'm confident that Lagangs Martial Arts Fitness center is here to stay...for a long time! Good Luck to you both! Bastard & Friends wishes you the very best! Just let me know ahead of time when Tapout pays a trip to you guys!

The center is open Mon. - Thurs. from 6pm-9pm and is located at 311 Sunset Drive Suite D Antioch, CA 94531.

Proud owners Allan and Shannan Lagang

Sifu Allan inside the fight ring

Sifu Allan's Achievements over the years (unfortunately, my camera wouldn't fit all of his million+ trophies he's obtained over the years). Hopefully, this will do.

Rows of 'Title' bags to beat the hell out of

Forget 24hr. fitness when you have Lagangs gym

The 6:00pm 1st training session

Note: The photos above do no justice. You have to visit this place in order to gain the full experience! Sign-up while you're at it!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Agenda Trade Show San Diego

Bastard & Friends just arrived back in the Bay Area from yet another long, but short trip down to sunny San Diego, CA. for the Agenda Trade Show that was held Sep.4th - 6th. For some of you who are unaware of what this show is about, essentially it's an event for the streetwear and action sports industries to unite all under one roof. This forum blends together well-established and elite brands such as: Stussy, Tokidoki, Alife, Crooks & Castles, The Hundreds, 10.Deep, Freshjive, Married to the Mob as well as your up-and-coming lines looking to explode in the marketplace. Further, right down the street was the ASR Tradeshow. This show also hosted an abundance of heavy weight exhibitors: DC, Hurley, NewEra, and Quiksilver were amongst the attendance. Kevin our rep from Flat Fitty Headwear, Tien (owner of Flat Fitty), and Jim took some time with us to talk about upcoming hat designs as well as other things revolving around the apparel/headwear industry. As an added benefit to the conversation, they displayed some crazy hat designs that were applied to various types of hats. All I have to say is watch out for these dudes! These guys are the underdogs and really got things figured out! Fully customized quality hats from all angles along with low minimums and low pricing will not only aid lines such as BnF, but will also boast their company to new heights.

And, as always every trip we take down to So. Cal, we always make it a habit to hangout at Downtown Disney, Melrose as well as Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills. Since Derek has never been to Sprinkles, we took the opportunity to satisfy his sweet tooth with a few 'Red Velvet' cupcakes. While waiting in the long line that covers a segment of Santa Monica Blvd., we took it upon ourselves to entertain a few people that were curious about what Bastard & Friends was all about. How could we be missed? We were all basically wearing the same company gear from head-to-toe. After some talk and a display of our infamous baseball collector cards, they were very interested and got a kick out of the line. I promised I'd give a shout out to a few of them (Alexis from Virginia in LA for business as well as Nadia).

Check out some of the photos from our trip:

Courtesy limo shuttle all day between shows

2 of the 3 Bastards

Sharon and Derek at Agenda

Some of the New Era collaborations

Catfish sliders ready to be swarmed on

Folks (Alexis and Nadia) entertained by the story behind Bastard & Friends

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)