Sunday, July 27, 2008

San Francisco Gift Center & Jewelry Mart

Yesterday, Sharon and I attended the SF Gift Center & Jewelry Mart show over at the Moscone center in downtown SF to check out, for the most part, the apparel and toy booths that were on display. Although, the event name is a bit deceiving, this show also hosts showrooms representing apparel as well as accessories. As usual when attending these types of shows, it was an all day event. We had a chance to speak to an abundance of folks ranging from sales reps to store owners. Each and every one of them were great to talk to. Whether the conversation was short or long, we all got a chance to talk about interesting things. I can't for the life of me remember every one that we came across, but here were a few contacts/companies that I can recall at the moment: Kailynn from chicBuds. She's a very awesome individual who is one of the founders for this cool and unique company that produces fashionable earbuds. In which BTW, Paris Hilton is a customer. Kailynn actually inspired us to go and attend MAGIC in Las Vegas. We just might have to attend the next one; Chris and Kristen from Kamibashi, a company that makes some of the coolest dolls spawned from Asian Art; Anna from enVbags. A Go-Green bag company that has desires on reducing the usage of both plastic and paper bags and flipandtumble. Unfortunately, I couldn't take any photos on the floor, so you'll just have to imagine the over 300 showrooms that showcased over 270 product categories at the show. We also found it pretty amusing to have people stop us in our tracks and ask us about our shirts that we were wearing (of course, we were rockin' our BnF stuff). They not only loved the designs and the name of our company, but also the concept behind it. Once we started telling these people about the stories of some of our Bastards that are readily available, they then opened up and started telling us their Bastard stories and which ones they'd love for us to design. Some of them even checked out our animations and raved about them to their other counter-parts. I remember this one conversation with a lady who said, "your company is so unique and different, I'm sure it'll go a long way since BnF relates to everybody in our society!" It was definitely inspiring to hear these things and see people's reactions! It definitely motivates you!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Gina!

Over the weekend, we attended Gina's birthday party over at her and Mike's house. As usual, it was another event accompanied by trays of food, coolers filled with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, lots of friends and family, and of course the traditional Karaoke.

One of the reasons why we all love to hang out over at this place is simply because it's a playground for both adults as well as children. There's practically a full-size basketball court in the back yard where the majority of the crowd usually hangs out when party's are thrown. In addition, there's multiple rooms populated by the never-ending usage of technology driven products that most would consider to be overwhelming in their own home. But, most of all, there's that downstairs room that's occupied by a huge 160 inch screen in the front, surrounded by speakers all across the room and seating to accompany a gang of people. It's definitely one of the best places to watch movies, play video games, and watch boxing fights. And, what's cool about this little getaway is that Mike built it all from scratch. No contractors and no consultants. It was just him and a few friends that built this home theater. And, just to point out, It's all High-Def with superb bass pounding sound! He's still adding bells and whistles to the theater, however. I can't wait to see the final stages of this masterpiece.

Oysters anyone?

Food of Champions!

160 inch screen spans across the wall

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair

Over the weekend, we attended the Renegade Craft Fair over at Fort Mason in San Francisco. This 2 day event featured an abundance of DIY craftsters from around the globe. You'd think with the name 'Craft Fair,' the show would only highlight vendors that just created small little arts and crafts things (ie, jewelry), but surprisingly, the vast majority from what I noticed, were vendors involved in not only the plush toy scene, but as well as apparel. This was actually the 1st time that this event has come to the SF Bay Area. It was definitely an honor for us to attend and check out the event that maintains over 200 vendors and whom possess a wide variety of skill sets. We had a chance to meet some cool people throughout the duration we were there. Folks ranging from Seibei, I heart Guts, Partybots, Shawnimals, Venus Zine Magazine are just to name a few. Below are some pics during the event as well as our outing after.

Seibei (David) and Bastard & Friends


I Heart Guts


Someone from the street team or one of our customers put this sticker on a pole by the Metreon. Amazingly, it's still nice and shiny!

Nobody was home during the time we strolled by

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Congratulations Winners for Jul08 Free Stuff Contest!

Watch this video to determine if you are the lucky winners! We picked 2 names for the "Any 1 Free Item" off of our website drawing. As an added bonus, we picked an additional 3 name to give you any "1" of the 2 belts listed on our site as well.

Bastard & Friends

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

WHO WANTS FREE STUFF CONTEST! Drawing tomorrow July 3rd!

The winner of the "WHO WANTS FREE STUFF CONTEST!" (see post below this) for the month of July08 will be announced tomorrow July 3rd (1st Thursday of the month). Check our Vlog tomorrow anytime after 3pm PST. on this same page to see if you're the lucky winner!

Good Luck Bastards!

Bastard & Friends