Monday, June 30, 2008


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That’s all there is to it to get your FREE item! So, Don’t be a Bastard and sign-up now!

Bastard & Friends

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Officially in Dragatomi Store

Update: Bastard & Friends is now officially a part of the Dragatomi store. You can view our product line as well as other cool stuff located at

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Two worlds come together...Bastard & Friends and Dragatomi

We are proud to announce that we have been given the opportunity to be part of another retailers' store. The store, is best known for carrying creative and exclusive products from top designers and manufacturers from around the world.

Products inspired by both urban pop and Japanese cultures, 'Dragatomi' possesses cool, collectible vinyl and plush toys as well as apparel and bags. Amongst other things, items ranging from Tokidoki, Domo-Kun, Skelanimals to even Super Mario and soon to come Bastard & Friends, this company is the source for all types of enthusiasts that have a passion for these classification of items. Whether you're a limited edition collector to just your regular 'Joe' that has a thirst for cool and unique products, is definitely every adult and kids hub for hip and exclusive items. Not only is 'Dragatomi' in synch with what's hot on the market, but they too, also come equipped with some of their nifty products as well. Their plush toy (image below) which depicts a friendly dragon character is extremely aesthetic and stylish.

What we really admire about this store is that the items have been collectively merged together under one roof to create a dynamic, heterogeneous and most of all, irresistible environment. This is one of the reasons why it was a no brainer to become part of Dragatomi. Not to mention the staff/owners (Joanne & Ray) are truly passionate about what they do. One of the many topics that were discussed during our face-to-face meeting at their headquarters was about quality. I believe it's safe to say that 'Dragatomi' and 'Bastard & Friends' are very much alike when it comes to this. I'm sure we would've went on for a few more hours of compelling dialogue if we didn't have to leave. But, I'm sure when we meet again, we'll just continue on from where we left off last.

We will keep you posted on when our products are formally introduced into their store. Until then, Don't be a Bastard...visit And, a big "THANK YOU" to 'Dragatomi' for accepting our product(s). Also, "THANK YOU" for the DOMO vinyl figure. Now, I'm 1 of the 250 folks that now own this limited edition figure. WHOO HOO!

Dragatomi exclusive plush doll (Coming soon!)

I want all of these now!

Limited Edition Domo-Kun flocked vinyl figures. Dragatomi has them in stock waiting for you to pick one up

Some of the many items that Dragatomi has to offer

Tokidoki skate decks! These are HOT!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Hanging out...

So, the Bastard & Friends family were hanging out in downtown SF again to attend a fashion bash hosted by Sassy City Chicks. Unfortunately, the event was jam packed so we ended up departing early. Before our departure however, I took a few shots of the alley way that met with the entrance of the event. It was yet another work of art (piece/bombing/graffiti) from various artists so I couldn't resist. After, some of us took off to eat over at Osha's (Thai restaurant) while some of the others went to Tempura House (Japanese restaurant). And, to end the night again, we ended up at Harlot for a few cocktails.

Sherida, about to grub on some salmon skewers

Tony from Harlot and Sharon (Bastard & Friends)

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Roaming San Francisco

Bastard & Friends roamed around beautiful SF today. Our first stop was hanging out at the screen print shop talking with Mike about our future designs/layouts/color schemes etc...Thereafter, we trotted over to one of the best deem sum places in San Francisco, Yank Sing on Stevenson St. After filling and soothing our souls with plates of great food and tea, we then headed over to Union Square to check out the world famous The Hundreds on Post St.

Nice quarter pipe at the shop

Skateboards and a snake. Perfect match!

After the shop comes Deem Sum

Last stop for the day...The Hundreds on Post St.

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Weekend

Had a blast over the weekend! Attended a few graduations, celebrated a birthday at Harlot's in SF, and had people over for Father's Day. Below are some pics to check out.

Congratulations Jordan graduating from Highschool

Congratulations Chance graduating from Junior High

Interesting...pulled up behind some guy riding around with a Bastard & Friends box. Now that's AWESOME! Whoever you are, Thanks for representing and most of all rockin' BnF

Quick throw up on the table lining by my nephew RJ

Debbie and Ilynn

You can always count on this couple to pull through (Mary Anne & Cel)! I Love these guys!

Fun times as always

Leah and Sharon

Ladies having fun

Derek and some chic

Thank you for representing Bastard & Friends

Hilarious! Some random girl (Yvonne) slapping on a BnF sticker on her left breast and dancing the night away

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Calling all YouTube bloggers...Contest with Cash!


A bigger version of this flier can be viewed here: YouTube Contest!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Olivia Thai

Meet Olivia Thai -- a popular YouTuber who has a passion for entertaining her fan base by singing songs from well known artists as well as creating some of her own. With over 589,000 channel views since the birth of her YouTube Channel, Olivia has managed to maintain a fan base of over 17,000 subscribers. Since the posting of her 39 videos in the late November of 2007 (Yes, it has only been that long), she still continues to deliver a captivating style that meshes well with her friends, family, and most of all, her fans. She is also ranked #62 Most Subscribed (All Time) - Musicians on YouTube as of June08. Not only is Olivia creating a presence of delivering her favorite tunes to her audience via online and offline, she is also proactive in helping companies such as Bastard & Friends establish recognition across various demographics (watch video above). Thank you, Olivia for plugging Bastard & Friends!


Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

From the Bay to Albuquerque, NM

San Francisco from 10,000 feet above. It's a beautiful 70+ degrees below. Can't wait to come back home already

Ocean Beach San Francisco below. Still at 10,000 feet above. Gotta love the San Francisco Coast

Amazing! It's the Grand Canyon

Finally...Albuquerque New Mexico

You mean "always lost" because it happens everytime

Keeping busy. Bouncing around from Albuquerque to Santa Fe

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Next stop...New Mexico

Heading off to New Mexico tomorrow. And, as I plan out my next adventure, I thought I'd share some of my items that are jam packed in the little bitty luggage that are always lugged around with me: Bastard & Friends shirts, belt, stickers and of course the Christian Hosoi kicks from Vans. Yeah, I know their scuffed up a bit...oh well, they're the kicks from the legendary Mr. Hosoi aka "Christ" himself.

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Business as usual

Continuing on from where I last left off in my last post regarding hats, Sharon and I are back from the short trip down to LA. Visiting various locations seemed to be on our priority list once again before pleasure. On our journey down to the home land of the Los Angeles Lakers, Sharon and I had interesting discussions pertaining to the launch of Series2. Being our normal and crazy selves as usual, we're going to take a little bit of a different approach in terms of how are animations/films will be affiliated with our 'scenario' based shirts. I can't even begin to tell you how creative and "out-of-the-box" we are going to get with the upcoming release in a few months.

Aside from the many topics that were talked about during the whole trip, we managed to get a lot of things done. And, Yes I'll talk about the hats in a just a sec. I'll start off by saying we encountered some of the coolest people and places once again. On our first night, we had a pretty lengthy conversation with our waiter over at the Omni Hotel (Thank you, Fatima!) in downtown LA by the name of "Tim" whom by the way is currently seeking a position with the California Highway Patrol. Of all things, we talked about "Trance" music and how much we still loved it. I can't recall how we got on this topic, but once it came about, that was it. We talked about how we loved to hear the sounds produced by DJ Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold as well as Paul van Dyk and every time we hear something from these guys, it just puts us in a zone and in a world of our own. While still in downtown, we managed to pass by the "Museum of Contemporary Art." One of the most intriguing things that was here was a sculpture of various plane pieces/parts (image below). Very Cool!

OK, so back to the hats. we took a trip over to to the Flexfit corporate office (images below) down in "Fullerton" to meet up with our rep "Sandra." We went over the details of the hat design as well as amongst other things. The design of the prototype wasn't too bad, but after seeing it, I had other intentions/ideas (as usual). So, being a very AWESOME and understanding person that Sandra is, she and her team will look into the considerations and revise it. "THANK YOU, Sandra!" She gave me our first prototype that's associated with the 6210 style and I must say this hat is N I C E! It's well fitted and comfortable just like the NewEra 5950, but it's stretchable. So, stay tuned...hats are on the way!

Back on the road to meet up with a few video bloggers for purposes that are beneficial to us and hopefully advantageous to them, we dreadfully were confronted by the worst LA traffic that we've ever experienced during the many times we've visited. Armed yet again with mouthfulls of Sprinkles Cupcakes and listening to Linkin Park, Fort Minor, Sublime, Bob Marley, Black Moon, Black Star as well as the 90's era Hip Hop tracks and of course DJ Tiesto, we sat in hours and hours of traffic (images below). I think I drove across every highway within Los Angeles County with the exception of the 610. From downtown LA to Fullerton to Beverly Hills, all the way down to Anaheim to Paramount and Long Beach back across to Pasadena and Burbank then back to LA was a freakin' mess! Looking on the brighter side, however, one of the video bloggers/internet entertainers I wanted to address is by the name of "Timothy Delaghetto." A young and interesting fellow from Paramount, CA. who has is own YouTube Channel. With over 24,000 subscribers and over thousands of views for every video he's ever put out to the public, Timothy is definitely a creator and innovator of his own kind. Keep doing what your doing, Timothy! Plug Bastard & Friends whenever means necessary.

MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art)

The plane sculpture at MOCA

Flexfit Corporation

Flexfit front desk

Inside Flexfit

You have got to be kidding me...traffic at 1pm!

Horrendous LA traffic

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Thursday, June 5, 2008


In our quest to deliver more products to the public as well as respond to folks who have requested this, we decided to look into hats for our Series2 release that will be available within the next few months. In doing so, we researched two big players in the hat game: 1) NewEra 2) Flexfit. Unfortunately, NewEra isn't accepting new clients for their popular 5950 line until the end of July08/beginning Aug08. Due to the baseball season and high demand, this popular style as well as the 4940 isn't available. However, Flexfit has a similar style -- which is the 6210 Premium fit (Pro-baseball on field shape with flat visor) that is widely available. We really dig these hats because it's "stretchable" fabric. In other words, there's only 2 sizes to order from: S/M (6 7/8"-7 1/4") and L/XL (7 1/4"-7 5/8") rather than ordering various different sizes for the customer. If some of you are wondering which companies currently use Flexfit, there's quite a few: Hurley, Element, Independent and DC are just some of the big players that come to mind. Our contact here on the West Coast has been extremely helpful in assisting us with the development/prototyping and ordering of the hats. We will be in LA this weekend to check out the samples. Since the majority of our items are limited, we will be having these specific hats made with an extremely "low" quantity; therefore, the color "and" design of the hat will no longer be available once sold out. Unfortunately, you guys will have to wait a little bit longer to see some sample pics. :) Furthermore, we're still deciding whether or not we will be accepting pre-orders. But, as time permits and Series2 starts to become a reality, we will let you know.

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What's up with the gas prices these days?

The latest picture of where my money in my bank account went today....Gas! OK, I don't complain too much, but this is the 3rd time this week I had to go to the pump. It's all adding up...every time! Hey Congress, if you're reading this something and do something fast! We're all suffering out here. How are you going to battle gas prices especially with Summer here? Gas prices are out of control, seriously! Every time I look at the price of gas, it seems to jump up 3-5 cents each time? It's almost sickening! Whatever happened to subtle increases? "Don't be a Bastard!" STOP jacking up the prices!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)