Friday, August 29, 2008

Bay Area Dance Crew Battle

Dance crews, get ready for World of Dance Tour to host the 1st ever B-BOY battle right in our very own backyard... the Bay Area. This exclusive event will be held at the Alameda County Fair grounds in Pleasanton, CA. on September 27th, 2008. We'll see you there!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Boxing fans get ready for a showdown!

Queue in Michael Buffer's "Let's get ready to rumble!" That's right folks if you haven't already heard, it's official. Some of boxings' most talked about fighters will duke it out December 6th, 2008. Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar De La Hoya at the MGM in Las Vegas. The fight will be at the welterweight (147 lbs.) division. Unfortunately for Manny, he'll have to move up 2 weight divisions by eating more "Lumpia" and "Lechon" (just joking). However, De La Hoya has no easy task either. He'll have to reduce the "Carnitas" intake in order to drop down a division (just joking again). Nevertheless, both fighters should be ready to rock by the time fight night comes around. So... I have just one question -- "Who's coming with me?" Seriously, we are already booking our flight and hotel room(s) to see this spectacular event that will surely go down in boxings' history books. Will Pacman continue his quest of eating up the elite Mexican fighters or will De La Hoya put a stoppage to the pride of the Philippines? Whether you're a big fan of Pacquiao or De La Hoya, this is one event that you definitely don't want to miss! We'll see you in Vegas in December! Here we go's party time all over!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Flexfit Hats

You asked, so we delivered! Today, we received a few of our Flexfit hats that we will be releasing for our winter line coming up within the next month or so. We've gone through multiple sample runs for this particular style/design in order to deliver a set of hats that we were finally satisfied with. If you really want to know, it took months in order to achieve this. For this particular design, we wanted to accomplish a look that was more for the "Casual Bastards." The next designs for our other hats are more geared towards the more "Streetwear Bastard" identity. Check out some of the pics below. As an important note, we will be having a section up for the pre-orders under the "Accessories" section within the next few weeks. Furthermore, pre-orders will be cheaper, so stay tuned. In addition, keep checking back or join the mailing list if you aren't already in order to get a preview of another set of hats that we are expecting from other various and widely known manufacturers. Flexfit is just one of the companies that we decided to proceed with.

Dark Grey Pinstripe hat. Offered w/ either Dark Grey or Black logo embellished stitching

Front side snapshot w/ black logo

Back side snapshot w/ black stitching

Front side snapshot w/ Dark Grey logo

Back side snapshot w/ Dark Grey stitching

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bastard Parents

Don't be alarmed by the title of this blog. Let me justify why I titled this particular section "Bastard Parents." As I was browsing around the internet as usual, I stumbled across one of the most hilarious and peculiar names in sports (in my opinion); college football that is. So, without further adieu, I give to you... and try not to laugh as hard as I did... "Lucious Pusey", a LB for the Eastern Illinois Panthers. Yes, that's right look again. This poor gentlemens' soul through his childhood and young adult years must have been crushed and without question tarnished by all the people making fun of his name (me being included). Now, do you understand why I titled this blog "Bastard Parents?" What were the parents thinking at the time they gave him his first name? Looking on the positive side of things, however, as of 2007 Lucious changed his last name to "Seymour." Great job buddy! But, did you ever think that people could still interpret your name as: "Lucious Seymour Pusey," or how about just "Seymour Pusey." ;)

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fantasy Football08

Homies Fantasy Football League (HFFL) is back in full effect! Yesterday, the die hard football fanatics got together (some in person and others on the phone) to draft their players in order to compile their "Fantasy Team(s)." The league (14) was divided into two separate divisions in which each consisted of seven guys battling it out in hopes of who's going to be the best in obtaining both yards and points. Thirteen players total were expected to fill the roster. Both divisions finished in a timely manner considering the time limits per round were either exceeded or truncated by some. We then finished the night out playing Texas Hold 'em, playing Madden09 on the PS3 (Thanks, Andy), and watching movies.

The tools needed in order to win

The draft order

Preparing for the show down

Commissioner (Wil) juggling 2 phone calls during draft time

Deep concentration is always expected during Fantasy draft time

Going down the list to see who's still available

Final results for Division 2

Ladies waiting for the draft to be over

Finishing the night out with Texas Hold 'em

The Lucky Bastard displaying pocket Aces

Good Luck, Gentlemen! The anticipation has already begun as week1 approaches -- which is just around the corner!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vacation had to end...

What more can you ask for? A vacation from a vacation. Right after our Las Vegas trip, Sharon and I decided to extend our plans out for another 5 days to get away and clear our minds, if you know what I mean. So, we decided to take a trip out with the family to blissful Lake Tahoe. A place located in the Sierra Nevada mountains known for it's attractive "Blue" freshwater lake -- which is encompassed by it's serene environment full of flush pine trees, beautiful lakefronts/beaches, and hiking trails. Not to mention since parts of Tahoe are in the state of Nevada, gambling is also permitted. Therefore, there is a strip dedicated to taking peoples' money. More importantly, it is the homebase to some of the nicest and coolest ski resorts in the United States. For example, Heavenly, Sierra, and Northstar. For the most part, I have to admit that I'm not accustom to experiencing this fresh atmosphere in the summer time since we're usually up here in the winter time shreddin' the mountains on our snowboards. I must say... I didn't know what I was missing until now.

We had such a blast over those 5 days. We toured up and down the North and South shores hitting an abundance of hiking trails, beaches, jumped on the gondola up Heavenly to ride the Heavenly Flyer (Heavenly's newest adventure), hit a majority of shops including all the ones at the Heavenly Village Shops and even rented a speed boat just for fun. You gotta love the outdoors! Check out some of the pics from this detox trip below:

I love this trail map! Especially, in the winter

So, you have to take the gondola up 9,156' up the mountain. Then, you need to take the Tamarack express ski lift another 3,100 ft. in order to zip through the sky in this high speed thrill ride with a vertical drop of 525ft. Oh, not to mention, this is the longest ZipRider in the United States. And, the rush is 80 seconds! How F*ck*ng crazy is that!

The launching pad. Man, I was stoked

Preparing to zip through the sky

And, there they soar. Oops, I meant go. Look below, they still have to go 3000+ feet to get to the landing platform (the one at the very far end of the picture)

Crazy idiot! This shot was taken while I was on the Heavenly Flyer going 50mph. My adrenaline was definitely pumpin'

Taken from the top of Heavenly mountain. "Keep Tahoe Blue" damnit!

Taken from the gondola at Heavenly. Below is where they'll take your money

Eagle Falls Trailhead in Emerald Bay.

This place has multiple lakes and waterfalls on the hiking trail(s)

Perfect view of Heavenly (upside down Y) from the boat

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

We're back!

My apologies everyone for not keeping the blog updated as frequently as expected. We did read your emails about blog updates. However, there's good reasoning behind it. Bastard & Friends was on a long and much needed vacation/break. Our first stop... a wedding that was held in sleepless Las Vegas for our good friends Gina and James. I'll write about our other (detox) trip in another post days to come after this, however. Originally, we were suppose to only be there for 4 days, but we ended up missing our flight twice. Yes, that's right... twice (i'll get to that in a minute); therefore, we ended up being there for 5 long days. I can't even begin to explain how much fun and exuberating it was to be on vacation with some of the greatest friends in the world! There's so much to talk about, but I'll just give you a synopsis or let me say timeframes of what went down during those 5 long and tiring days in Vegas aka "Sin City." For the most part, everything below depicts actual timeframes and places that we encountered during our trip. But, before I get to that I wanted to address our friends that got hitched on what some say is the most auspicious day ever for the Chinese culture...August 8, 2008 (8-8-08).

How does a couple that's been together for over 14 years and have gone through life experiencing trials and tribulations finally confess their true love by getting married? That's definitely a question for both James and Gina. I can't speak for this young couple that also has an awesome son named "DJ." But, I can tell you that it must have been true love! I mean c'mon now anything over 5 years for most couples seems like a lifetime, but when you add on an additional 9+ years, that really tells you a lot about a couple! CONGRATULATIONS on a new beginning in life! I'm sure it's definitely well worth it. I can't imagine how elated this couple must be. Just remember a few things: PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE! Oh and remember, there's no such thing as let's take some time off from one another... or I need my space. Space after you get married is you (husband) sleeping in the living room while the Mrs. gets her beauty sleep in the master bed room. :)

Meanwhile, while I'm still waiting on the rest of my brain cells and my liver to be shipped back to me from partying and getting a total of no more than 12 hours of sleep over the course of the 5 days in Vegas, below is my day-by-day diary from what I can recall. And, NO!... I don't have a real diary:

Thurs 8-7-08:
* Around 10am: Landed in Vegas and Derek runs into Bas Rutten.
* 11am-2pm: Checked into our hotels New York New York and Bally's. Gambled for awhile
* 3pm - 6pm: Roamed around various casinos on the Vegas strip
* 7pm - 9pm: Browsing the forum shops at Caesers Palace; ended up playing around in FAO Schwartz and acting like little kids again playing air hockey and basketball.
* 10pm - 12am: Got in for free and hung out at Pure night club thanks to Derek (BnF) and Karl (security dude at the front door). We promised Karl we'd give a shout out to him on the blog. Thanks again, Karl!
* 1am -2:30am: Met with Marcel; went to MGM and hung out at Tabu Ultra Lounge
* 3am - 5am: Back to Pure Nightclub then off to hang out over at the Wynn Hotel at one of the lounges

Fri 8-8-08:
* 6am - 8am: Sleep (2 hrs. total)
* 9am - 3pm: Kill time at casinos; get ready for James and Gina's wedding
* 4pm - 8pm: Attend wedding and reception
* 9:30pm - 11pm: Meet up and hang out at the Rouge over at MGM
* 12am - 6am: Hung out at Rain at the Palms with guests NAS and DJ Green Lantern! Big THANKS and LOVE to Noelle, the hottest and sexiest Asian bartender (main bar in Rain) on the planet for hookin' us up with the entry and everything else that night! Bastard & Friends owes you big time when you come back home to the Bay Area! Rock the hell out of your BnF goodies that we gave you, mama! If you ever encounter her, "DON'T BE A BASTARD!" tip the young lady! Or, you could end up with spit in your drink the next time around. ;)

Sat 8-9-08:
* 6:30am: Dropped off back to New York New York by Wil and Lica. Thanks guys for keeping up with us that night/day!
* 7am - 9am: Party still going on and hanging out in the hotel room watching Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Also, Leah and Julio arrive driving all the way down from San Francisco to come hang out and party. They did a day trip! Can you believe that!
* 10am - 12pm: Sleep (2 hrs. total)
* 1pm - 7pm: Attended The Price is Right game show at Bally's; Ate at Paris Buffet; roamed around Vegas strip like free spirits.
* 9pm - 11pm: Party at New York New York
* 12am - 3am: Hung out at some lounge/bar over at MGM with the rest of the gang
* 3:30am - 8am: Party at Aileens house somewhere in Vegas

Sun 8-10-08:
* 9am - 11am: Attempted to catch, but missed our flight back to San Francisco (SFO). 1st attempt
* 12pm - 6pm: Sleep (6 hrs. total)
* 7pm - 9pm: Attempted to catch, but missed our flight back to San Francisco (SFO). 2nd attempt

Mon 8-11-08:
FINALLY! Home sweet home!

Tues 8/12 - Sat 8/16:
Another trip embarks...this will be covered in the next blog/post

Pictures will be uploaded into the 'Vegas Trip' section via 'Warp Zone' within the next few days. So, check back soon!

Lastly, HUGE THANKS to those people who patiently waited for their orders to be delivered to them!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Congratulations Winner of the Aug08 Who Wants Free Stuff Contest!

Watch this video to determine if you are the lucky winner!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Timothy Delaghetto aka TraPhik

Timothy Delaghetto aka TraPhik! What can I say about this young and inspirational Asian cat from So. Cal that possesses mad skills as a rapper/entertainer on one of the biggest, if not, the most popular online video sharing outlet..."YouTube." Here are a few little fun facts about this dude: #29 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Comedians; has over 1.3 million channel views since it's inception; and has an amazing 31,740 YouTube subscribers as of August 2008.

Hate him or love him, Timothy has inspired and is still inspiring folks all over the world. From his freestyles over hip hop beats, to creating off-the-wall knee-slapping skits, to simply giving advice via his Dear DeLaGhetto videos, this man isn't showing any signs of slowing down despite the fact he continually receives verbal assaults from "The Haters."

The video above is Timothy's 25th "Dear DeLaGhetto" in which he highlights Bastard & Friends as well as well some of the comments that he's received from some of his biggest fans..."The Haters." So, check it out!

TraPhik Myspace. I highly recommend downloading the track 'Your First Asian Boy.' Essentially, it's Timothy rapping over the "American Boy" sound track from Estelle featuring Kanye West.

TimothyDeLaGhetto YouTube Channel

And, Thank you Timothy for the video! Keep doing what you do best...ENTERTAINING!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Saturday, August 2, 2008