Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Sorry folks for the delay in posting the rest of the Anime pictures for days 3 & 4. Overall, the 4 day event went extremely well. Met a lot of great and interesting people! A vast majority came out in costumes. Some were really extravagant while others were plain and simple. The scavenger hunt with Fat Rabbit Farm was also on point. For the most part, all of the winners for the days the activity was going on ended before noon. The determined treasure hunters were on a rampage. A few came in teams to find the various items listed on both of our lists and were successful at it, too. Unfortunately, I couldn't get everyone's pictures that received their golden tickets and prizes. And, as far as the Twitter treasure hunt, some didn't claim their prizes so we ended up giving away the extra box of goodies to passionate customers along the way. There were way too many awesome moments that we all experienced at the show to write about, but here are a few I could recall:

* Awesome dude named "Saulo" visited us with the Bastard & Friends signature "X" hairline that he put together to show us love! (See pic below)
* A bunch of people from the our homeland, the Bay Area came down.
* A handful of folks came and danced in front of our booth to get some free stuff since they didn't have any money. Don't get any ideas from this.
* A 9 year old kid bought the "Bastard Boss" shirt because he thought the animation was funny so he begged his mom to buy the shirt.
* Awesome to see folks who bought our merchandise come back the next days rockin' their new gear joyfully!

Golden Ticket winners being passed back to Fat Rabbit Farm to find the remaining items

Wendy and Brenda minus the rest of the scavenger hunt gang. They were the 2nd group on Sat. to win

Saulo, showing love and support by styling his hair into the "X" hairline. You're awesome dude!

Hido, visiting us all the way from Tempe Arizona. Showing us some love rockin' the B&F logo hat and shirt

PDFLO interviewing Sharon. Keep on the lookout for this interview floating around on YouTube in the near future

Sharon and Sherida acting as themselves as always

Sharon getting attacked by Resident Evil

The most down people at our shows thus far. Walking around with a B&F box on their heads; putting stickers on their guitar; coming out with the B&F signature hairline and reppin' our company to the fullest! That's what you call some down folks for B&F! Much love goes out to you guys...seriously!

Jeff and his card trick partner. These dudes were showing us their talented card tricks throughout the event. In return, we gave them some belts

I hope everyone had a great time while participating in the hunts and are enjoying their items received by us as well as Fat Rabbit Farm. Next year, the hunt will be even bigger with more vendors participating -- which means more grand prizes that will be handed out!

You can check out the remaining Day 3 and 4 AX photos by clicking HERE.

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)