Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Don't forget folks, Anime Expo weekend is finally here. In just 2 days, we will be participating in this massive 4 day event at the Los Angeles Convention Center that will start Thurs. (Jul 2nd) and extend all the way out to Sunday (Jul 5th).

2 Scavenger hunts will emerge starting on Friday. A total of 12 prizes will be handed out by us -- which will include various items including our new Nosey Bastard Trucker Hat. Golden tickets similar to Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory will also be handed out! In addition, our close pals from Fat Rabbit Farm will also be joining us and giving away prizes. The other scavenger hunt will be in collaboration with PDFLO -- which will take place by sending out clues from both of our Twitter accounts. In order to participate in this hunt, you need to have a Twitter account and either join ours and or PDFLO's. Film crew will also be onsite. See Flyer below for details. To add to the gamut of prizes, our friends over at Dragatomi have graciously donated some of their designer/vinyl toys as well to giveaway. Therefore, all winners will be...well...hooked up! For all contestants, make sure you bring a camera of some sort since some of the items in the scavenger hunt will need to be photographed! Make sure you see the folks at the show passing out flyers for details. Or, visit our booth #627 or Fat Rabbit Farm at booth#851.

Have a safe trip out to the Expo! Especially those coming from the Bay Area! We'll see you there!

More cool stuff to add from Dragatomi

Note: People on our mailing list, make sure you use that "special coupon" sent to you by this Friday in order to get the Nosey Bastard Trucker discount as the offer will expire on Friday (Jul 3rd).

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)