Monday, April 26, 2010

Cheating Bastard Video Up on YouTube! =D

Greetings & Salutations Friends!

I know it's been a while, I have been working diligently to try to reorganize the company. I know you all have anticipated on the hoodies and logo tees that were scheduled for release a few months back, but no worries - those will be back in stock relatively soon. In the mean time, we finally have our Cheating Bastard Video up on YouTube directed and created by none other than YouTube's Finest PeeDeeFlo. Warning, there is an extreme amount of profanity - viewer discretion is strongly advised! I will continue to blog about Bastard & Friends and hopefully you guys will continue to follow.

Original Cheating Bastard Artwork Creative Design: Francesa Guizzo
Logo Design: LeRoid David

Film Directed by PDFLO/Pedro Flores

A Film By Pedro Flores
Starring: Pedro Flores
Ker'in Hayden
Marisela Jaurequi
Eric Ochoa as the Voice of CB

Thanks again!

Also: our Bastard & Friends Twitter account was compromised a few months back, please follow

Don't be a Bastard!

Bastard & Friends, Inc.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bastard & Friends Updates!

Hi everyone, I know it's been while since I've blogged. I just wanted to give you all an update, that although it seems that we have been in hiatus - we've actually been brain storming new ideas on how we can better our company. We have a new Bastard video coming out. PDFLO Films is actually working on the trailer of the film as we speak. The Cheating Bastard video is 98% complete and we will be releasing that in the next few weeks. You guys will definitely love that video as the video contains some steamy footage. LOL =D

Also, back by popular demand for the cold winter season are our hoodies! That's right, we will be releasing Men & Women's hoodies for the winter. We're also reproducing our Black & White Logo tees! Those are currently in production and will be available in the next few short weeks, so stay tuned! We might also be releasing our Bastard & Friends Purple Logo Commandments shirt as well. So stay tuned for that! We have a lot of exciting new stuff happening in 2010 so stay tuned! If you're not already on our mailing list sign up now! Oh and one more thing, our Twitter account was compromised a few months back, so the only newsfeed that the account receives are updates from our blog. To stay current with what is going on with us, I invite you to follow our other Twitter account: DontBeaBastard.

Don't be a Bastard!

One Love!

Sharon (Bastard & Friends)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Don't be a Bastard Kanye! Traphik's reaction to Kanye West/Taylor Swift

Check out the hilarious reaction that our boy Timothy Delaghetto aka Traphik had on the unforgettable "Jackass" move that Kanye West did to Taylor Swift during the acceptance of her very first MTV VMA Award. PS: He's sporting our Exclusive WonderCon Not So Superhero Bastard shirt. Our reaction, Don't be a Bastard, Kanye! We are huge fans of both Kanye and Taylor, but that was a bastard move you did!

Sharon (Bastard & Friends)

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Thursday, September 3, 2009


A YouTuber by the name of "WhiteBoyDillon" made this awesome and sincere video for us!

Thanks, WhiteBoyDillon!

Sharon (Bastard & Friends)

Monday, July 27, 2009


Here's a sneak preview of our next upcoming short film, "Cheating Bastards." A spin-off from the hit popular TV show, Cheaters, but with a Bastard & Friends comical sense of humor. Numerous adjustments and editing are still underway and should be completed very shortly. This will just give you an idea of the storyline behind it. Stay tune for the final product in the next coming weeks!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Friday, July 17, 2009


I promise, this will be the last fan/supporter blog this week. ;) Meet Hido hailing from Tempe, AZ. As you recall we met a lot of down-to-earth folks over at the Anime Expo in LA that we exhibited at a few weeks back. And, Hido was one of those gnarly dudes that we came across. Hido ended up copping a few of our items at the show. As it turns out, him and his team are talented 3D modelers/animators. We exchanged information at the show and ever since we've been discussing an awesome future project that should be surfacing at the end of this year/early next. What's even more amazing is that Hido and his team have put together some cool pictures just for us. This is what I love most about our supporters! Without even asking him to put together these pictures, the dude simply took the time and effort to create them. How awesome is that!? Just for being such a cool fella, I put some of these pics on our home/splash page, if you haven't already seen them. Must I remind you that we have the best supporters in the world! You guys are F*#KIN AWESOME!

Pictures courtesy of: Hido

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


OK, so I know the title of this blog is corny. Yeah I know. For some strange reason the old school track, "O.P.P." from Naughty by Nature came up in my little head as I was starting to write. Anyways, we just received some awesome pictures from one of our loyal fans/customer, Richard. Richard took a trip out to scenic Japan just a few weeks ago. And, while he was hanging out, he was rockin' some of his B&F gear. Cool stuff! Hopefully, sometime in the near future I'll be able to take a trip out there. And, I'll have to just bring Richard and the gang to show me around.

Both pics were taken in Tokyo, Japan:

Taken at the Owakudani Valley--which emits the smell of fizzing sulfur from miles away. Richard mentioned the place smells like rotten eggs, but it's a great tourist spot because it allows people to hop on a cable car back down to Lake Ashi. In the background, Mt. Fuji.

Todai-Ji temple located in Nara, Japan. Houses one of the largest bronze Buddhas in the world. As well as serves as the Japanese HQ of the Kegon school of Buddhism. Gnarly stuff!

For those of you seeking the items that Richard is wearing, unfortunately we are all sold out with the exception of the HAT that he's sporting. And, even this item is sold out in the smallest size -- which is 7 1/4. Sorry folks!

Photos courtesy of: Richard

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)