Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Another Bay Area Bboy/Bgirl event will be underway next weekend, July 25th in San Jose. Ladies and gentlemen, this is an all ages jam session that will host a generous amount of well-talented individuals showcasing their breakdancing skills. Not to mention a handful of exhibitors will be on deck displaying some of their raw pieces of items ranging from apparel and accessories. Hosted by our partner Bobbie Vie from The HeadHunters Crew straight out of San Jose CA., this dude has been holding it down for the BBOY/BGIRL community for years and has put together workshops located in the San Jose area (Alum Rock Community Center). Much love and respect goes out to Bobbie for assembling this 8th annual event!

Click on the images below:

Another sponsored event by the Bastard & Friends family, so "Don't be a Bastard!" Come out and enjoy another exciting and eventful night! We'll see you there!

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)