Friday, July 17, 2009


I promise, this will be the last fan/supporter blog this week. ;) Meet Hido hailing from Tempe, AZ. As you recall we met a lot of down-to-earth folks over at the Anime Expo in LA that we exhibited at a few weeks back. And, Hido was one of those gnarly dudes that we came across. Hido ended up copping a few of our items at the show. As it turns out, him and his team are talented 3D modelers/animators. We exchanged information at the show and ever since we've been discussing an awesome future project that should be surfacing at the end of this year/early next. What's even more amazing is that Hido and his team have put together some cool pictures just for us. This is what I love most about our supporters! Without even asking him to put together these pictures, the dude simply took the time and effort to create them. How awesome is that!? Just for being such a cool fella, I put some of these pics on our home/splash page, if you haven't already seen them. Must I remind you that we have the best supporters in the world! You guys are F*#KIN AWESOME!

Pictures courtesy of: Hido

Jonathan (Bastard & Friends)