Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bastard & Friends Updates!

Hi everyone, I know it's been while since I've blogged. I just wanted to give you all an update, that although it seems that we have been in hiatus - we've actually been brain storming new ideas on how we can better our company. We have a new Bastard video coming out. PDFLO Films is actually working on the trailer of the film as we speak. The Cheating Bastard video is 98% complete and we will be releasing that in the next few weeks. You guys will definitely love that video as the video contains some steamy footage. LOL =D

Also, back by popular demand for the cold winter season are our hoodies! That's right, we will be releasing Men & Women's hoodies for the winter. We're also reproducing our Black & White Logo tees! Those are currently in production and will be available in the next few short weeks, so stay tuned! We might also be releasing our Bastard & Friends Purple Logo Commandments shirt as well. So stay tuned for that! We have a lot of exciting new stuff happening in 2010 so stay tuned! If you're not already on our mailing list sign up now! Oh and one more thing, our Twitter account was compromised a few months back, so the only newsfeed that the account receives are updates from our blog. To stay current with what is going on with us, I invite you to follow our other Twitter account: DontBeaBastard.

Don't be a Bastard!

One Love!

Sharon (Bastard & Friends)